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Can Anyone Facing The same Problem..??
I have Account to 2200 Directories and Success Rate Of submission Article Is to 800 Directories...But

Live Links I got only 100...This is very Less As Compare to All Other Version of Article marketing Robot. I am Currently Using Version.

and Index Rate of Article Links Are also Less As Comare to First AMR..

Can Anyone Please Help me Out this.

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    Everything seems a little crappy these days with AMR - hopefully Vince will step it up a little as it's a great program
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    I was going to buy this. Should I buy it or Article Demon?

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      Originally Posted by kengperapol View Post

      I was going to buy this. Should I buy it or Article Demon?
      Think about quality over quantity, you won't need any tool.

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    I have done 4 Rounds of AMR submissions 1 month back, but still the links from AMR are not getting shown in any link checker tool.

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    Talk to Vince the owner of the software at Normally, after signing up for over 2, 000 directories about 800 to 1, 400 are the directories your articles get published on.

    AMR is still a great tool. I hope you don't expect to see all your article go live immediately, some directories manually approve their articles and this will take between two days to 30 days or more. And you also don't expect to see your articles to be indexed instantly. I don't advice you to attempt indexing all your submissions because it could send red flag to the search engines.

    If you are having over 800 submission per article then you don't have any issue.
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      Thanks Guys for your Reply..!!!!
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    Actually, 800 successful submissions sounds really good. I usually get less than 500.

    All the Livelinks may take some time to show up as some directories are manual approve.

    I would recommend checking out the AMR forum as there are more detailed discussions on the product.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rukshan
    Try to add more directories to AMR. Usually I get 100-200 live backlinks just after the blast. Normally it takes few more days to get other live links. Your rate is ok!

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      some links pages can take some time in indexing. wait for some few days
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      Originally Posted by blog8491 View Post

      Try to add more directories to AMR. Usually I get 100-200 live backlinks just after the blast. Normally it takes few more days to get other live links. Your rate is ok!
      If you have More Article Directory List...
      Please Send it to me..I really Need It.

      Much Appreciated
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  • Profile picture of the author thebitbotdotcom
    Try to keep in mind that AMR only submits the articles.

    Every article you submit successfully, in your case roughly 800, all still have to be approved and published by the article directory owners. AMR has no control over that.

    This is not an "over-night" process. For many article directories, especially ones with smaller staffs the review process may take weeks or months.

    AMR simply submits the articles. Getting them published will be a function of the quality of the article and the review speed of the directory itself.

    Additionally, you have to also think about how many pages Google has to index. Even when the articles are published, it may take another several weeks for Google to drill down through the directory and find it. Hopefully, if each and every directory owner submits a site-map (not all do) it will not take as long.

    This entire process is very tedious and AMR gets you rolling on the front end better than any other tool I have seen.

    Quality articles and consistency and patience are all required.

    Just because you "blast out an article" doesn't mean that you will instantaneously get tons of links. Even if you submit all at once, the links will trickle in and that is normal and to be expected.
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    I think you have a good the way you can search more article directories to add,and wait some time because not all article directories have instant approval...and others admins check articles for quality and duplicate content....
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  • Profile picture of the author xkuba
    Guys I am using AMR more than 5 months and still working pretty cool. When I submit article, there are more than 800 successfull submissions and around 200 of them are instant live links.

    Your problem could be caused because of few reasons:
    1) is your article enough long? content should be 400+ words
    2) do you insert all required information? (including address and unique author names)
    3) do you scrape new article directories? try to use scrapebox and you will be able to get more than 2000 directories

    In my own experience you have to help articles to get indexed. I personally use Backlink Index Express (around 80% get indexed by G, even forum profile backlinks), but there are several tools which help you with this problem.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom L
    It all depends on the directories that you have... most of us get additional lists to supplement the initial one and make this program incredibly powerful.

    Some of the directories will take months to accept your articles so just keep blasting content out and you will be fine.
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    I also only get about 100 Articles Approved in the live links report, but the actual number of article URL's on the report is even lower than the "Total found articles" figure. I follow the best practices also such as using a unique summary, not putting html in the body, using a good amount of categories, etc..

    Does anyone here know where to get a good list from to update the article directories?

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  • Profile picture of the author asharperrazor
    Using the OEM software, I get 550 submissions and I'm lucky to get 100 approved five days later.

    Not sure if that's good, but I'll be checking into how to add directories, read that in a different thread too, sounds like its the solution.
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