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SEO plays very important role in the marketing and i am aware of these.

1- I am going to get website for this and i need your opinion that should i start with SEO in the start and

2 -Should i get ads on different sites for this purpose

3- Which city is the best city for these kind of home improvement websites.
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    few things.

    Do you have a home Improvement website already ?

    If not write great unique content.

    Build some back links.

    If you do want to advertise on Google Adwords select the location that you want to sell products in. So if you are in New York and want to sell to people from New York set up you ad's this way.
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    Yes Seo is essential for improving web page rank.
    I think usa, uk, canada, germany, japan etc you can choose.
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      My opinion is india is the best location...
      we offering SEO services ...if u need SEO services means plz reply me for further details
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    1. You should have your website in order first and then start on the SEO.

    2. Ads will not help your SEO specifically but it will get you some instant traffic and brand awareness which can't be bad.

    3. I'm not sure about this one. What country are you talking about? Look for big citys with lots of rich people living there.

    1000's of IT jobs in the UK online now at Dice

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