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I've used FatCow for years now and its been a pretty good experience with them besides the down times every so often, but now as I have downloaded Back Link Energizer it asks for me to do Cron Jobs, which FatCow doesn't support. Does anyone have any information on a host which would allow cron jobs but is also very reputable?
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    Hostwinds is a great company. I have been with them for over a year and all I have to say is one word, Awesome!
    The support is very prompt, no downtime, cpanel, a lot of scripts... I highly recommend Going with hostwinds.
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    I've used JustHostMe for years and can recommend them but I think most large companies and many smaller ones will allow cron jobs. It's quite standard.
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    I agree that Hostgator is one of the best web hosts out there.

    The only drawback with HG is that crons can only be run every 10-15 minutes. So if you have a script that's trying to run a cron every minute, it's going to be throttled back.

    This limitation only applies to shared hosting. VPS and dedicated plans don't have cron limits.
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    i have script that must run Cron Job every 5 minutes , but the problem that sometimes
    Not work at All , wich is the best hosting for Cron jobs in 2013

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    I have found a third party cron jobs provider , can run the cron jobs every 1 minutes .

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