What do you call this kind of backlinks? this makes my competitor rank first page

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I saw my competitor using this kind of backlinks and I want to know how I can get the same kind. Basically, they put your website in the list of recommended resources: These are some examples, I don't know who owns this website but I found them via yahoo site explorer:

Resources - Learn Guitar Online Fast!


Connecticut Open Resources | Connecticut Tourism

My competitor has a lot of these kinds of backlinks, his site is listed in the resources. How do we get something like this?
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    Looks like your competitor was scraping for sites that have gravity forms as a plugin and dropped some links?
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    All three of those sites have a Contact Us or an Advertise with us link. You simply need to get in touch and ask about their prices to get mentioned on that page.

    If you can't afford a link, then you might like to try an arrangement where you'll mention them on your site, if they add you to the resources section.

    They say hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance.

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    They look like sponsored links... i.e. they have contacted the website owner and asked for a link (either paid or reciprical)

    Hope that helps

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    A link is a link, and will carry some weight, even in these post panda days. I wouldn't have a problem with those links..now, if those links were on a porn or otherwise named bad link farm site, then I would be concerned.
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    This kind of link building strategy is called Link exchange right? I haven't done this kind of thing but I always heard from my SEO friends that its not worth a lot.. I don't know

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    When I FIRST got started in IM I manually emailed the owners of a bunch of sites that ranked high in my niche. I was pretty clueless when it came to SEO. But surprisingly this worked VERY well. I got a number of high quality sites linking back to me, I jumped to PR4 within a few months, and I was ranking pretty well myself.

    It's not nearly as easy now though. How I miss the early 2000's.
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    I am not so sure but I believe that those blogs participate in 3waylinks.net scheme.
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