Should I build bunch of outbound links in my website?

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As you can see I am trying to rank my website higher in the die casting industry. Anyways one of my competitors who is around top 5 in google has only around 40 index pages and 87 backlinks or so... I did notice their website has bunch of links on the side that are just to other sites. Like they have a whole part dedicated to links that are to higher rank sites. Should I try this?

Their content is not even that good :/

Im getting frustrated as to where to go from here they still doing better then me donno why I got around 500+ backlinks & a good amount of index pages with good quality info.

I see some competitors websites with like 8 index pages and fewer backlinks outranking me.

Me not a happy camper right now :/
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    With your signatures I am assuming that you are targeting geographic region.

    If yes, you must try with local optimization tips,
    - Get a country specific TLD
    - Set your preferred location in Google webmaster tools
    - Get backlinks from websites fro target country
    - Participate in forums that are popular in your target country
    - Submit your website to local search engines
    - Submit your website to local directories

    As far as backlinks are concerned, they are very important for every website to improve the visibility of the website.

    Get quality backlinks for your site. With quality, I mean, backlinks from pages which are relevant to webpages of your website.

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    I would advise against adding a lot of external outbound links because this will leak your PageRank which is not good for your ranking. If you do need to put some, put nofollow tag in them.
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      Be careful, outbound links, even with "rel=nofollow" still bleed pagerank juice. The nofollow only tells the search engine not to give juice to the page it is linking too. However, the juice still leaks from your site at rate of about 0.15 out of 1.0, and just evaporates. (This is per a Matt Cutts article I ready)
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        Adding outbound links is crazy, unless they add something
        to your visitor's experience. But then, your content
        should outrank any other site as far as value. Why
        send others away? You are admitting that your site

        There are many hidden reasons why a site outranks
        another. People cannot grasp that. They think all
        is just a list of things.

        You cannot be the judge of whether your site or theirs
        has crappy content. Why people keep insisting this,
        is also not realistic.

        Nofollow has nothing to with anything here, really.

        Adding a bunch of links can look like a link farm.

        The only outbound links I have are to my other sites,
        as well as paid links.

        The anchor text may be triggering something, or
        appear to be content.

        Glancing at your site, your page is full of links in the
        "content." This is also not a good user experience.
        You are stuffing links to other parts of your website.
        You should have a navigation menu bar. You have links
        all over the page, multiple times to the same page.

        Not to mention the fact that these words
        are just stuffed on the right
        side for no apparent reason:
        Diecast Products manufactured for a wide variety of Industries.
        Automotive Diecastings
        Electronic Diecastings
        Medical Diecastings
        Telecom Diecastings
        Irrigation Diecastings
        Dental Diecastings
        Cemetery Diecastings
        Furniture Diecastings
        And Others..
        The United States Military also puts to use Aluminum Die Castings for many of their products.
        Military Planes
        Military Boats
        Military Vehicles
        Military Equipment.

        So before you look at someone else's site and say it's crap, and
        wonder why yours is not ranking, you should look within.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    nofollow is also beneficial for traffic purposes and we do SEO for traffic
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      I definitely would NOT have a section dedicated to nothing but links. One of my good friends had a site with a Page Rank of 4 and got removed from the SERPS.

      It's not bad to have links in your content, but if you stuff them in there, that's bad news.
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