Pls Correct My Link Wheel Strategy If Am Wrong

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This is my first time doing link wheel. Before i began, i have read several link wheel blogs and pdf but they all seem to lack one two things which i am going to list below.

1. I write articles and post them on my blog i.e one daily. Normally, my blogs index articles within seconds, i then use the articles from my blog on the web 2.0 properties. And if i am doing article marketing i prefer to blast the links to my web 2.0 and what i do in this case is to take the article from the web 2.0 and syndicate using the same web 2.0 in the resource box. Won't using the same article on the web 2.0 for article marketing on the web 2.0 make it less effective?

2. Which anchor text should i target on the web 2.0 sites? What i normally do is, i target keywords from my site on the web 2.0 and when i am blasting links to the web 2.0 properties (link wheel) i use different keywords. Would that be ok?
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