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Hi all

I'm wondering what are the best ways to monetize traffic, if we put aside affiliates:

- Are there good replacements to adsense for sites which are "illegal"
(porn,downloads etc)?

- Is google's adsense considered to be the most profitable out of all the ads programs? if it isn't why use it over others?

- Is there a way to monetize traffic without clicks? (just views of the site)

thank you
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    I've read in many different forums that adsense is the best paying ad service (68% revenue). ecpm earnings per 1000 impressions is a part of adsense though you will only get a few cents per 1000 pageviews. In my experience it is usually under $0.10 per 1000 pageviews
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    Adsense in porn... I dont think so u will get banned if u place ads in porn site
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