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I would like to hear some advice/opinions on which is the best way to determine how many competitors you have out there in google for your keywords.

QUOTES ("KEYWORD/KEYWORDS") - I've heard many different opinions in the past, but it seems that most agree that by putting your keywords with surrounding quotes ("KEYWORDS") is the best way to determine the exact amount of competing pages that google has indexed.

INTITLE:"KEYWORD/KEYWORDS" - I've heard some say that since the "Title Tag" is the most powerful/important tag when google crawls is the best way to determine how many real competing pages are out there.

Commercial Intent Keywords - The best way to find out if the chosen keywords are mainly in it for commercial purposes (generate sales). You can check the right side and the top of the google SERP's to see the google adwords ads or use the google adwords keyword tool. Very important.

I would like to hear what most people think would be the most important or best way to determine how much competition is out there. Let's say; QUOTES vs INTITLE: or you can just speak in which way that you think is the quickest best way to determine your keyword phrase competition.

Putting our heads together will definitely help us all out on this topic.

Thanks for participating in advance!
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    Don't worry about how many competing pages there are, just analyze the top 10 sites on the 1st page of Google Results when you do an exact search for your keyword. There are many tools that you can do this with like Market Samuarai, Long Tail Pro, Traffic Travis, and a lot more.
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    Evaluating the keyword competition of a phrase or word means looking at the top ten sites and the top ten sites only.

    Page one is your competition. Page two is not. Neither is Page 367. That is definitely not your competition.

    When looking at page one competition you will want to analyze things like PageRank, Domain Age, links pointing to page ranked, links pointing to domain, keyword in title tag, H1 tag, and description tag.

    Determining competition based on those factors requires experience. I could list a host of data and then say its going to be a competitive keyword, but if you have no idea what all of that means you'd just look at me like I was blowing smoke up your ass.

    Generally speaking higher numbers for domain age and page rank indicate high competition, yet at the same time with zero to no backlink's a page can be overtaken.

    Even then, if your chosen keyword is in the Title Tag, H1 Tag and Description tag it means that the site is actively optimized for that keyword.

    Go a step further and look at the actual backlinks for the PAGE listed in the results. If its well anchored for the keyword then things might be a bit "tough."

    So you take all of that information and see what you come up with. Experience plays a major key here so diving in as a beginner is usually your best bet to developing a winning SEO strategy that works for a variety of keywords, competitive or not.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Download traffic Travis free and do a keyword analysis. You'll see exactly what he means and what you need to do to get into the top ten for your phrase.
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