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I think that losing money in the past on adwords has created a major block with me and now I have sites converting, I want to get involved in it again but want to find someone good who can test ads, pull out the crap ones and optimize campaigns.

But how do I find someone who is good? I've just posted a job on elance but wondered whether there are better altenatives.


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      Hi there lunch box diet

      Here's a tip that may help you with adwords.....

      A) Go to various forum(s) that specialise in the subject matter of your niche/product/vertical
      B) Post content on those forums USING YOUR PROPOSED ADWORDS HEADLINES as the POST TITLE
      C) Post some relevant content so that people who read it feel they are getting something.
      D) Look to see how many views and posts you get for each of the posts you make.

      The point is that you are posting to your relevant demographic and you might find that some ad headlines on the forums convert to views and posts, better than others. Therefore it is safe to assume that you might find that those headlines should convert better when used as ads.

      Its a cheap way of helping you test the effectiveness of potential ad headlines before you start paying for them.

      Additionally, you can use these headlines on twitter and see if it drives traffic to your site/blog. If you use the # symbol and then your target audience, for example #weightloss, you should then just be posting to that community.

      Hope that helps. Good Luck

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        Oh....whilst im at it,

        i have no idea which market you are in but you can also go to an authority publication (obviously in your niche).... i really mean a book here and look at the index....Generally you will find some Keywords buried in the index that are relevant to your niche that you might not have thought of. Sometimes including these keywords in the ads MAY help boost the effectiveness of the ad.

        Take care and good luck

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