Anyone can make 2-3$ per day with mini niche site?

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I bought a wso from a warrior over 1 month, it's just a simple blog site with many articles... I signed up at Adsense and successful after 5 times submit!
This site has about 15-20 visits/day and now I have 1-click to my adsense...

So can anyone tell me how can I improve my earning?
Warrior man who sold me this wso has done some seo works and promise with backlinks and something like this...
But this site still not stable right now, still on page 8 of Google, I spent 67$ to buy it... and now it brings to me just 0.25$ lol
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    Honestly I do not think you can make 3 bucks a day with 20 random visitors unless the CPC is very high
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    15-20 visitors a day is a start, but it's probably not going to earn $3 a day w/Adsense. Amazon? Maybe. If the traffic is very targeted.

    Have you tried to generate more traffic? What did you do to be able to bring thost 15-20 people a day in? Duplicate it.
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    Have you analyzed the 1st page competition to see how many links, authority, etc.. they have? This will give you a solid indication as to how hard it will be to get it onto the 1st page.

    Start submitting the site to social bookmarking sites, create a Squidoo lens, do some blog commenting, etc.. but be consistant. Create a spreadsheet and stick to creating a certain amount of links per day, keep doing it until you get onto page 1.

    How long have you been getting 15-20 visitors per day for? 1 click is very little. You may need to improve your ad placements to get better CTR. How many adsense ads do you currently have on your site?

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    If you don't know SEO & your letting someone else manage the SEO for you, well, good luck with that.
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    Thanks all, here my site wartmolevanish[dot]info
    Could anyone take a look through my site and give me some advices?
    I'm a newbie with micro niche, so I bought it from a guy on WF...
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    I think. alexa very important with ranking you site.
    you can check '' and ranking now, it jumping.
    i can do for you.
    please contact mail. jason10.seo
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      Originally Posted by camitran1 View Post

      I think,
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    mini site didn't worked now because google love updated content.
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    First you should concentrate on generating more traffic at least 100+ visitors on your site. Write relevant and informative articles on regular basis for couple of weeks. Don't think about making money in the start but creating backlinks and promoting your site should be your priority.
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    First, you need to do a research about competitors in the first page. Then try to bring your site to top positions to get more SERP. This will take few more weeks. Don't give up

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    You will need to wait if the site's new, after some weeks or months you visitors will increase and income also
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    keep promoting, updating content, fresh original content, and ofcourse building links to your site for great SEO making sure your on-page is optimized so that your off-page efforts are maximized!

    :: AWJ of Thinking Creativity :: My wifey is a photographer, check out her work @ OLEXIE ::

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      Sounds like your CTR is pretty low for for 15-20visits per day.
      Try optimizing your ad units to make your ad's more relevant to your users.

      You could try turning on interest based advertising from the adsense interface. This will make ads appear based on user specific demographic information collected by google rather then the keywords on your site.

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