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Of late i have a concern about the keywords we have selected for SEO. Will my site be shown for the keywords under the broad match search or exact match search?

For example, the search volume for keyword "matrimony" is showing 3,350,000 under the broad match category and 40,500 under the exact match category.

As such if i do an SEO optimization for this keyword "matrimony" and manage to bring the site position to the first page in google for this keyword, will my site be shown in the google search results for this keyword 3,350,000 times or 40,500 times?

In other words if i optimize a keyword for google, will google consider only an exact match of the keyword or broad match as well? If i am not wrong google will only consider an exact match of the keyword optimized and it will not consider it for a broad match.

If a user searches for "matrimony" keyword alone that is considered an exact search so google will count that search into the exact match category. However when a user searches for "matrimony news" that is considered an exact search for keyword "matrimony news" and a broad search for keyword "matrimony". so the matrimony keyword exact search count will remain one and the broad search category may increase by one.

Going by this logic if my site is optimized for matrimony keyword it will appear only for the exact search counts and not for broad searches which means if a user searches for "matrimony news" then my site will not appear because its not optimized for that keyword.

So when we consider the search volume of a keyword we have to consider only the exact search volume to be the correct search volume and not the broad search volumes.

Is my above understanding correct?
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    Use exact match to estimate the traffic you will get. In reality you will get more than just exact match. Google will also give you some broad match searches if you have the word on your page.

    So, in your example you will get most of your hits from the word matrimony. You will also get hits for the word matrimony news if you have the word news on you page somewhere. If you don't have the word news on your page you will not get ranked for the word.

    The reason you don't count the broad is you need the word on your webpage or you won't get ranked for it. So you would need every possible variation of the keyword to get all the broad rankings.

    The one exception is if you site gets big enough with enough strong backlinks from other sites then Google may consider your site an authority for that keyword in which case they will rank you for words that you don't even have on you site.

    But as a new small site go with just exact and you will be ok.
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