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Im developing a website which targets all about consumer electronics and some tech stuff.
Basically I want to build an authority site or network imperium that covers the whole electronics topic. Yeah sounds big task but I take massive action 10 hours a day and articles are flowing easily out of my head.
+ its not in english language.

I would love to have all in one site as this would help me manage it much easier so I tend to one domain name.

Prob is that all tech/electronic stuff names are gone. Even the most idiotic mixwords.
Now I started to create words out of latin meanings. I have some I like and which could be associated with tech stuff but are still nonsense words kind of. I like a short nonsense word more then some 12 letter domain with 3 stuffed keywords cause every 2 word combo is gone
I do want to rank for the long tails of the various tech niches(at first). Applying siloing and lsi.

Now does it make sense to structure my site this way?:

techniche1 , nonsensemixword , co /techniche1longtail
techniche2 , nonsensemixword , co /techniche2longtail
techniche3 , nonsensemixword , co /techniche3longtail
etc. ..
all sudomains are linked from ww, nonsensemixword ,co and inbetween the subdomains whenever I find some connection.

would I rank this way for *techniche* and *technichelongtail*?
would google recognize that it is about the subdomain and not about the nonsensemixword domain? Or do I get a penalty for using a domain that makes no sense?
would be nice to have a brand where people say "oh nonsensemixword , co got that right lets check again for technichexxx"

had to cripple domain names cause of board restrict.

btw. first post HI! :p
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    anyone an idea how g handles the nonsense name in the domain?
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    If you're going for a large authority site, the domain name does not matter. Much better to go with a brandy domain than exact match.
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      Originally Posted by lovboa View Post

      If you're going for a large authority site, the domain name does not matter. Much better to go with a brandy domain than exact match.
      I plan to use a brand domain and whenver I have a broader theme I will develope it in subdomain thus having the keyword also in my domain(like in first post explained)

      now I just hope that google likes it too
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        LOL! Nonsense domains are exactly how the big boys choose
        a domain...ebay, zoosk, zillow, zap2it, google, bing, yahoo,
        (need I go on?)

        You could even include tigerdirect stuff...
        Not really "nonsense," but foots the bill of off the wall.

        Anyway, getting back to reality, why are you going for
        a subdomain? Subdomains are treated as separate, distinct
        websites on a different subject. You get no love because it's
        a subdomain.

        However, you do send love to subfolders/pages if you are using
        internal linking.

        Domains that make no sense are very, very common, and one
        reason why anyone here who has read my posts for a long time
        has pointed this out in response to EMDs.

        Any chance at being #1 for anything?
        Well, it sure is, as most of you know since I mention that a lot.
        Funny cat pictures. Gotta love those sites from the failblog empire.

        I would not go for a nonsense domain that one could not remember
        easily, or read easily. Like


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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