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warriors I have a question that i'm in a bit confused state where I want to know that...
Two main pages of mine are increasing in google SERP rapidly but I'm a bit more considered about my sub page and it has even reached #19 from #51 in 6 next I want to know for which page I need to make backlinks so that I can get to #10 SERP and can also make my PR...
How does the google consider my backlinks for homepage and subpages??
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    Google views each page as their own authority when it comes to ranking in the organic results and you must develop a link campaign for each subdomain that you would like to get ranked focusing on the keywords which should be in the title, URL and description.
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    I think building backlinks for subpage is more benefical for the page and than for all sites pages
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    As long as you have good interlinking within your site then the juice will pass throughout your domain.

    You should always backlink all pages you want to rank as well as the home page, it looks more natural.
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    I agree with all the others (you should get links for all your pages) additionally you should check what page converts better (if you are selling products or services) and use most of your link building effort to this page but at the same time build links for the other pages too...
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      Totally agree with all what has been said here. They key is not only to backlink your home page. You have to backlink your inner pages too. It depends on what you want to do, are there posts for specific keywords like product review etc then you have to backlink these posts to get higher in ther serps. Sometimes you will have your home page and your sub page on googles first page. That happened a few times for me.

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    Making backlinks from the main page and for the sub page is an effective way to improve your rankings in search engine. Creation of unique and great content in the home page will attract other users and revisited the home page regularly.
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    Use a 50/50 scenario. Try to keep a balance of 50% of your links to your homepage and the other 50% spread around all of your inner pages.

    2 page website will get 50% to home and 50% to other page
    3 page website will get 50% to home and 25% to each of the other 2 pages

    And interlinking your own pages within your site helps as well... just make sure the "flow" is a good one that sends SE spiders all around your site...
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    Since your subpage is already ranking, build few more links and rank them. This will help your homepage as well. You can do as below:

    Subpage - Secondary Keyword1
    Subpage - Secondary Keyword2
    Homepage - Main Keyword

    Now, rank your subpages and this will help to rank your home page as well. It works really well.

    Also at the same time you can build few links to your main domain. According to me there is no specific rule as 50%-50%. It depends on your need. If you want to rank subpages soon, then make it as 80% to subpages and 20% to homepage. After some days your homepage will rank automatically because of subpages.

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    If possible you can build links for the internal pages as well. Use Article writing with the keywords of the inner pages as the target keywords or you can socially bookmark them. The inner pages should also show up in the rankings.
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