Web 2.0 Links Wheels VS. High PR Profile Link Wheels

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Hey Warriors,

I was wondering everyone's thoughts on web 2.0 link wheels vs. high pr profile link wheels.

I have read many different things with web 2.0 link wheels post panda update, and I am in the process of testing out the "profile link wheels" right now (waiting on a fiverr gig to go through). Among the things I heard that web 2.0 link wheels may be "grey hat" now after the panda update.

I am testing out the high profile link wheel on a brand new exact name domain match, for a local search,4 page website, 4 posts SEO'ed, set to post every 2 days

First post: Keyword, second post LSI, 3rd Post Keyword, 4th post Keyword

The only SEO I am going to do is the High PR profile link wheel, it is a fiverr gig that has really good feedback. I wanted to see if this was a enough to rank a new site for a local keyword term that has about 890 exact matches a month.

I wanted to know anyone's thoughts on the web 2.0 link wheels vs. the profile link wheels that are popping on fiverr with respect to local keywords as I am starting to go offline SEO.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Hey Ryan,

    I wouldn't recommend profile links or link wheels anymore. That being said, I won't just rain on your parade here

    (Warning: Puts on White Hat )

    How about instead you create a few web 2.0 properties on sites like squidoo and try to rank them as well as your site? This way you are building multiple traffic getting assets that convert to your money site while you increase your rank.

    Squidoo for example can pass dofollow links to your site with any anchor text you want once you have 4 complete modules. The best part is that these articles can and should be short to convert better. Writing 300 words of unique content only takes a couple minutes. A couple posts like that and some cool images and you're done.

    Blog comment links, social bookmarks, article marketing, guest blogging - you can link to your site and web 2.0 properties with these techniques.

    I would just stay away from profile links. In the end it's up to you, feel free to give them a shot, but just know that they aren't "High PR" - they'll have a PR of 0 and likely won't get indexed without A LOT of help.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi Ryan.

    With a link wheel, you will gain authority from within the major search engines. Chances are you will gain a significant PR boost, traffic and SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking by using a link wheel as part of a balanced link building campaign.
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    Ben/camitran Thanks -

    My main goal is to have control of all the links to the money site, which will be my clients site, so that if they ever "let me go" and can take what is in place and point to another client in the same city.

    So, the fewest possible links to their sites that I can control easily, and blast away at the sites that are pointing to the client site.

    Hm, well I'll just have to try out a few things, sit back and see what happens.

    yay for testing.


    Ryan McKinney
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