How many is too many keywords in a URL?

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Hi all,

I am in the process of setting up some niche websites. I have the option to create a url for example of

Would this be considered to many keywords of "pharmacist" in this url?

I can change the highlighted red section of the url to whatever I want. So I thought I would throw in another keyword, but now am wondering if this is to much?

Any Pro or Con advise would be greatly appreciated. Dont want to set all of these up and then find out I am working against myself in regards to SEO.


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    That just looks horrible.


    Your building the URL backwards IMO.

    If you ever want repeat traffic, do something like this (keep it simple) & rank the internal page.

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    I can tell you that the word pharmacist appears a lot in that URL, I wouldn't use it for the directory if I were you. Although it really is just speculation.

    More beneficial to me would be changing the directory to a keyword that works with the pharmacist keyword like "information".

    A good rule of thumb is, if it looks spammy it probably is...

    Pros of doing it your way - Word used more times, although backlinking will effect your site more than padding the word in the URL.

    Cons - Google does not like your URL and you have to change the URL and links later.
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      Thank you both for your advise, I am glad that I asked.

      With the system that I am using, I need to name what is highlighted red below to whatever word I desire. But from now on I will use another non keyword and probably go with "info" or "information"

      Thanks for your help, time to go build another site with better urls
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    Inserting keyword once in URL is acceptable... Repeating keywords would be sort of keyword stuffing. Its not bad but I would never advise you to repeat keywords in sub page URLs.

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    having the keyword in the url is an essential one in terms of SEO
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    You can do as:

    From to

    I guess pharmacist you category. You can avoid displaying that in URL through proper Parmalink structure. Anyway displaying category in URL is not needed.

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    I agree with them, maybe Google would consider it as keyword stuffing.
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    Agreed with comment # 2. ( is what I do for all my keys.
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    Putting your keyword in URL is a way to improve your search engine rankings but Google like natural URL, and I would suggest to make it simple, related, and not spammed keywords. Webmasters usually used this method for their site.
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    I agree with KylieSweet I also applied it to my sites.
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