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I have read many posts on this forum about importance of press releases for an overall off-page SEO strategy. Making a quick search query in Google I found a list of free PR sites (posted below). What PR sites do you prefer to use and why? Some of them do not allow backlinks w/o subscribing for a paid option. I guess, there is not much use of those. Anyway, what are you favorite PR sites to submit a press release. Thanks.

  • free-press-release – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 3,547 – Not a great looking site, but it has high traffic and a good Alexa ranking. Also, you can place your banners on the press release submitted, pointing to your site. Only the paid service has better ranking and SEO benefits. Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts.
  • – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 16,551 – Ordinary and functional looking website, but it delivers results. Free distribution to Google News and other search engines. Allows inbound links and is optimized well for the search engines. Press releases can be scheduled.
  • – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 27,482 - Fantastic domain name, disappointing website. Free basic service. Two paid options of $199 and $499. Paid options include a full company profile.
  • – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 42,088 – Service based in Germany started in 2004. Free submission and distribution.
  • – Pagerank 5/ Alexa 58,760 – Good Pagerank and reasonable traffic. They allow active links. Their paid services gives you better placement, image galleries and permanent archiving.
  • – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 51,449 – Very poorly designed site which is difficult to read and navigate. All the usual free distribution tools, premium service includes logo, product picture and more.
  • – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 17,995 – The main reason for including this service is it is one of the few PR distribution sites focused on Europe
  • 24-7 – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 46,460 - Free press release submission with limited distribution for the free service. They allow active links (Upgrade package $49).
  • – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 107,600 - This fairly low traffic site is good for eCommerce related press releases. You can include an image, three keywords and a link with anchor text. OK.
  • – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 64,691 - Gives free distribution for plain formatted releases. Charges for HTML-coded releases.
  • - Pagerank 4 / Alexa 66,727 – Very ugly site, but appears to get reasonable traffic. Free press release distribution to limited list. Have additional paid-for services which are not worth the money.
  • – Pagerank 3 / Alexa 56,516 – Nice, clean looking site. Pagerank likely to increase with current traffic levels. Enables PR submission and distribution. Includes one link with anchor text embedded in the article. Upgrading to Pro will give you three links, permanent archiving and more.
  • – Pagerank 3 / Alexa 69,619 - Free distribution to sites and search engines. Premium membership differs only slightly by adding in graphics.
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