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I purchased 10 domains for my particular niche, each one having the keyword I want to rank for in them. Am I better off using each individual domain for each keyword or just using all my keywords for my main domain? Thus spreading the link juice across multiple keyword rich domains or just one single domain?

Example- Keywords: baseball caps, baseball shirts, baseball gloves
URL setup- baseball caps --> baseball shirts --> etc.
have all keywords (baseball caps, baseball shirts, baseball gloves) point to the same MAIN domain -->

As stated above, I already purchased these domains with my keywords in it. My opinion is that having one domain which receives ALL the link juice and authority would be better than having multiple keyword rich domains with a little link juice for just that particular keyword its optimized for. From what I hear, keywords in the URL don't matter as much anymore for what I was trying to do with them when I purchased........unfortunately, but would love to hear opinions.
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    An exact match domain gives you the strongest possible rankings for a single keyword. So if you only plan to rank for a single keyword, got with an EMD. However, that strategy falls apart once you try to rank for other keywords.

    A branded domain, on the other hand, doesn't have any ranking bonus within the domain itself, but it can scale up nicely as the brand gets well established.

    The best way to approach it, in my opinion, is to go for a hybrid approach. Choose a domain name that contains your target keyword within it. But the domain should be able to stand on its own as a brand.

    For example, or

    Take your core keyword and embed it within a larger domain. Try to avoid something that looks spammy. The longer the keyword you're trying to rank for, the more spammy it's going to look. is fine is spammy

    If in doubt, tend towards brand over EMD.

    I would only build a single site in this case. You don't want to have to build up authority multiple times.

    I'm the publisher of Universe Today and co-founder of the Keyword Strategy content marketing tool.

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    I do not think the domain name really gives you such a huge advantage.

    In my opinion one domain with many branches is better, you can link back to the directories and they all link to the main page. Making the main domain rank really well and each page rank for its own keyword.

    The main reason why I say this is because you can build online communities but the more filled in the communities are the better the juice they pass, this is my opinion but it has a little evidence to back it up from my previous work.
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      Thank you for all your replies.

      @FraserC - I am not trying to make a brand name more prevelant in this scenario. This is a typical affiliate website where there is info, signups, and videos about a very unique niche. I am not pursuing a Facebook or Twitter (impossible) type of brand.

      From your response, I get that you are leaning more towards giving all the link juice to ONE domain instead of speading it over targeted KRDs.
      Vote #1 - Main domain

      @refinancepro- This was my way of thinking. Better to give one domain the juice than spread it out over 10 domains, even though the keyword is more prevalent in the other domains. Thanks for your vote!
      Vote #2 - Main domain
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