Tier 2 blogs - How short can I make them?

by bjd461
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Could anyone offer some advice here please.
I want to set-up some links, think its called pyramid, from sites like wordpress, blogger and other free high-PR ones. So I write lots of new posts in these free sites, at least one for each post of my money site.
The posts in my money site are probably all 800 words or more.
What I would like to know is, how short can I make the new posts? They are purely for backlink purposes. Would 350 words each, even 250, be enough for these purposes? Anyone experienced with this?
There will be a nice bit of work involved, so I am just hoping to shorten it a bit.
Thanks in advance.
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    From experience 250 words is fine.
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    Yes, a minimum of 250 words will do for as long as it is acceptable by these Web 2.0 properties.
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