I have got my site on 1st page google........

by akhtar
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Hi thre i have just got my site on front page google at last, wow it get some
traffic to it.

What should i do now to maintain it.................

Does any people have know any sofware of programsn where i can get thank will help............

Well anything then paying some silly price again to seo guys.

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    Frequent relevant content!
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    exactly what you did to get it there
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      Originally Posted by mrozlat View Post

      exactly what you did to get it there
      I agree.

      If what you were doing placed you on page 1 of Google, keep doing the same things you were doing and as always keep adding content to your site, making it fun for users to navigate and share with other and of-course keep building high-quality backlinks...

      Good Luck!
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    I suggest you will just maintain the link building activity for your site. I think that is the best thing to do.
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    Post quality content and get also powerful back links.
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    to maintain your rankings, you should consistently work on your SEO practices.
    Update your website with informative content frequently.
    And, monitor your competitor's moves closely. You can use 'Keyword Country' for spying your competitor's strategies.

    FREE 30 minutes of Ecommerce Marketing consultation. Consulted clients like Overstock.com, About.com, Lowe's and more...
    Book at: hello@techzui.com

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    Update the site with fresh content and build backlinks continuously to maintain the same position in Google.

    Work at Home Affiliate Program, great conversions!:Seriously High Converting Work from home affiliate program

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    Keep building contents , keep building backlinks , you should be all set
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    thanks everyone for there responses it been great help

    OK does any one reccomend senukes and other seo softwares,

    if there is any others please do mention

    many thanks
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    Continue with submitting fresh content. Keep doing link building.
    LeadsRain.Com - Cloud Based Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasting and Hosted IVR
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    Relevant content + good natural backlinks = Google's love!
    "A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." – Henry Ford
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    Quality content and backlinks are what you need to maintain your first page ranking.
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