How does Google detect footprints from automated submission tools?

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The question is already in title

How does Google detect footprints from automated submission tools?

I am thinking of it. I think SEs analyze patters and perform cross reference of backlink pages. then if SEs see similarity such as same usernames, same email accounts etc. then they consider backlinks as blast.

Want to know from expert SEOs. Any information will be appreciated.
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    Software has nothing to do with footprints.If you use the software incorrectly then it creates footprints.For removing footprints you need to spin author,country,bio..every user generated content that appears in a page.You need to spin your content in a way that searching a line with quotes in google won't reveal all of your links.

    There's other things if you build your all links in a same platform for example will leave a huge footprint like "powered by wordpress".So when you r using a tool that only automate wordpress u will also need other tools that automates other platforms.As a advice don't use a tool that has no option for multilevel spinning or doesn't allow spinning on some field that will appear on ur backlink page
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    If I Told You I’d Have to Kill You.

    Seriously, Google has gone a long way and NOW they can decode more then most people realize. BUT... (there is always a but...) they also let it go at spaces, cause they need ways to build their rankings, and for that they need web references (backlinks) and a structural analysis (web content).

    So, unless you go wild OR get caught in some analysis (90% of TOP markets GET THEM often), you'll be fine.

    Anything else?
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    In fact I am looking for some really descriptive information.
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    I never have any idea about such things. Hey warrior please reply some exact information.
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    for example if you use xrumer change email its a big footprint and i senukex use private proxies . in SB use private proxies that's it . If you follow manual in each of these software you will never get in trouble most of the time
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    Google is very smart. every low quality link is disregarded in my webmaster tool
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