How can I become better at writing articles and getting ideas?

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I'll be the first to admit that I am horrible when it comes to writing articles or coming up with ideas. It's not that I have bad grammar or can't write, really. It's that I feel like I have horrible organizational skills. I write something and when I'm finished it just looks like a bunch of crap to me that no one would want to read.

Maybe we can write that off as a self esteem/confidence problem.

The creativity part is hard for me too. I can never come up with ideas for articles. I work in the drug/alcohol dependency and rehabilitation 'niche' and can never think of good article ideas. I believe I may have had the same problem when I did SEO in other niches in the past. Although, this may just be my over-consciousness; I want to write articles that people will actually want to read and be interested in but the things that I/we do end up with seem like mumbo jumbo to me.

It may be that I just feel that no one is interested in articles about chemical dependency recovery. I believe people would like to read how-to's and articles on interesting topics. I have worked with drug addicts and alcoholics for a while now and I really don't see any of them wanting to look up articles to read about addiction, etc.

-_- Does anyone have any advice? Diagnose me, fellow Warriors!
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    You could try with a more casual, conversation approach rather than a strictly technical approach.

    Like...Instead of strict facts about chemical dependency recovery,
    You could write as if you are having a conversation with the reader, and fill with more opinions, real life examples/stories, etc.
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    Blog. Don't TRY to come up with topics, just see one and rant, that's what I do on my blog and people eat it up.

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      You can't write articles worth a darn?
      Simple. Hire someone. Hire a warrior. There
      are many top notch ones.

      I imagine you can get some great deals, as people might
      be fighting for extra cash.

      No shame in hiring. I've done it, albeit I do 90% of my own.

      Sometimes you gotta pay.

      Trust me, it's worth it.

      This is directed at nobody in particular, but if you don't
      have the money, or want to spend the money, then
      how serious do you take your business? You want other
      people to be in a buying mode, right?

      Either that or spend a lot of time learning.

      Some warriors here will do the research and come up
      with some spectacular articles for any subject.

      Good writers for SEO articles will know how to take
      any sellable topic, and intertwine it with your niche.

      They could take a car insurance topic and make it be
      for drug addicts.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    If you have hobbies you can write about them,vacation spot or places that you have visited are great to write about,if you have pets write about them..
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    You just have to let it flow. Don't re-read your work and criticize it. Move on to the next article. You'll eventually get better and better at writing.
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