Ezine or Ebook: What do people value more ?

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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to build an email listing and plan to email to my subscribers a by-weekly ezine (travel related) with plenty of quality content...*

My question is as follows: In the "squeeze page", will the free ezine be tempting enough for people to subscribe, or should I offer a free eBook first, and then continue with the ezine...*

Thanks, Roni
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    I am talking now from my own experience as an internet user:

    I typically visit two kind of "squeeze" websites.

    One says:

    Hi, subscribe on my weekly newsletter.

    Number two says:

    Hi, Do you want to know how to start an online business?

    I will teach you how to start your own online bussines from scratch

    Give you tips and techniques and a lot of more.

    Just type your e-mail below and you will get instant access to this great information..

    Something like that.

    I am more tempted to choose number two..

    So my point is:

    Just "squeeze" your visitors by giving them an offer that they CANT refuse...

    Be so specific as you can, trigger their problems:

    If you know that your visitors would love to know more about like say Italy

    Then, tell them:


    It don't matter HOW you will teach them, by e-book or by e-mail newsletters. If you want their e-mail, you need to read their minds. And then adjust your offer to target their "desire"
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