google adsense declined my application

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pls i want you to help. I want to know why they declined my application. i don't know if it is because i used their "" blog?
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    Because your website looks terrible and has poorly formatted spammy content.

    You also don't have a privacy policy, contact form, or anything "human" on your site that would suggest it was created by a live person rather then a spam generating robot.

    Read the AdSense TOS and Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
    Create a nice looking website based on that information.
    Try to provide some value for potential visitors.

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    While what Josh said may or may not be true (I don't know, I havent clicked your site) I wouldn't worry about Adsense anyway.

    However for your question about blogspot, no. That has nothing to do with it. Its actually easier to get accepted using a blogspot blog, since they are owned by Google.

    BUT with that being said, for new publishers they arent even worth the trouble. It takes a LONG time to even reach payout, then once you do it still takes another month or so before you get the money.

    I'd try some CPA/affiliate banners in place of Adsense.

    For CPA, I'd start with PeerFly :: We Have an Offer for That

    For affiliate programs, I'd start with:

    RAP Bank*Instant Commissions Vault
    DigiResults — Work Less, Sell More
    iDavi - THE Digital Product Marketplace

    All of these sites pay affiliates INSTANT commissions directly to your PayPal. There is no waiting for payments.

    Now as for Josh's claim, you might want to adjust your site. Again I dont know, I havent clicked it and I probably wont. But at least I'm honest. lol anyway, ya try those sites I gave you.

    Good luck!
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