What is expected daily earnings from AdSense?

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So I've been building my main site for almost a year now, and it's almost done. It is a niche site, based on automobiles, and I'm 99.99% sure my estimate of 10,000 UNIQUE visitors a day will prove true. I made 1 brief reference to it a few months ago on Facebook, and that day I got 600 uniques. I think I will have a consistient 10k/day uniques, give or take depending on the day. It contains rich, unique content and spans 2,000 pages. I am currently 2nd in google search, with YouTube being 1st.

Anyone's experience to compare to mine to give me an estimate on what I will be making per day?
My general estimate and feeling after doing some mega research, is about $100-150 per day.

I know it's really hard to make a general estimate, because you don't really know how it's going to go until it's actually put into place, but any estimates or references to bring my spirits up would be great!
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    Try using Spyfu to get an idea of how much you will be earning.

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    There is no way of telling how much you'll make. There are too many variables.

    If you want a dirty estimate, plug the keyword into the contextual targeting tool to see the current bid price, now take 68% of that (your cut from a click) then muliply that by 3% of your current traffic (average-ish CTR).

    That will give you a terrible estimate.

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    Just do it mate. The longer you wait, the more you could be missing.
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      Well, it is difficult to throw an estimate. The profitability of an Adsense campaign is primarily based on:
      - your niche (with you it's competitive)
      - the amount that Adwords advertisers are spending to compete in that niche.

      The highest earning blogger (who has gone public with his Adsense earnings) is Darren Rowse from Problogger.net...He earns something like $15k something from his blog via Adsense!
      Here is peep into the tips and tricks he used to make it big:

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    You can not estimate because the visitors are from different country are different click rates

    Good Luck
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    There are so many factors. My rough estimate is $0 to infinity.
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      A rough estimate would be 92983!

      Thats the numbers that landed on the screen when I wasn't looking what I was typing. You WILL NOT get a better estimate than that because what your asking is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate. Anyone who does give you an estimate is just pulling a random number out of their head, exactly how I just did with my keyboard.

      It sounds like you've put a lot of work into your site so the sooner you get it up and running, the quicker your 90days will pass and give you your first quarter statistics. Then you'll have a reliable number to look at and calculate with. Good Luck.
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