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I have been running ads on Google Adwords, and then after about a month suddenly I got a warning from them and they stopped my ads. I just had a typical OptimizePress page up with a video to sign up to get some free videos. That's it, no wild claims, they were videos on how to raise private funding partners for real estate.

Google tells me my ads don't explain enough what they are getting (it says they get 20 free videos on raising private funds for real estate investing), and they say they don't allow landing pages .... HUH? 90% of internet businesses use a squeeze/landing page to build list. They also say I am running a "get rich quick business" which I argued, as I make no claims of income, just how to find investors for your deals. I run a very honest business.

So can anyone tell me what's the deal, and how do I get squeeze pages that Google doesn't throw a fit about? I see every ad on Google goes to a squeeze page, so why are they fussing at me?


These are the ads I was running:

Private Funding Billions
Get 20 Free Videos - Billions in
Private Funding for Real Estate.

Banks Keeping You Broke?
Private Funding for Real Estate
No Credit No Qual. - 20 Free Videos

Appreciate any insight anyone can give me. I want to run an honest business.

Thank you,


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    Originally Posted by ToddBock View Post


    ISo can anyone tell me what's the deal, and how do I get squeeze pages that Google doesn't throw a fit about? I see every ad on Google goes to a squeeze page, so why are they fussing at me?


    Todd they are not picking on you per say, probably more they have just got around to sorting your site / page.

    to answer how you get around it build a full site per say with all of the support pages, provide / over provide a lot of useful information / remove the hype per say and is summed as as any words or terms that imply anyone everyone can do this such as how anyone can Tap into Billions of dollars in available funding now that may be true but it sounds anyone everyone can have or tap into billions even a bum on the street?

    also asking people to get info only subscribing is not allowed in G (squeeze type page ) so for that its OK to still have say a side bar a something that says hey join up to our newsletters and get great info per say capturing the email that way.

    others may have other help n advice for you but thats a start
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    Thank you for the info and insights. I see where you are going with this, good advice. I'm building a whole new page with sidebar and stuff, and adding more text and video content on the page too.

    Much appreciated.


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    I do lots of work in the AdWords space and I can tell you that, regardless of how you structure your site, you are going to have problems in that niche with AdWords.

    It doesn't matter if you argue. If they consider it "get rich quick", they are gonna hassle you until you are eventually suspended.

    The ONLY way you MAY get them to approve your site/pages is to provide TONS of good content and make no claims whatsoever. Even then, you will be lucky.
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