Can anyone tell me how to increase twitter followers?

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I want to increase my followers naturally or is there any tool for increasing followers? Please suggest.
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    yeah follow other people on twitter, participate in the trending topics, retweet what others say in trending topics, have a conversation with your new followers
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      i have used almost every product that automates getting followers , and the best product by far is
      pretty much the best twitter software out there , very in depth

      Fraser Mackie
      Affiliate Manager

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      Originally Posted by Isaiah Jackson View Post

      yeah follow other people on twitter, participate in the trending topics, retweet what others say in trending topics, have a conversation with your new followers
      All the above.

      As an added note, this really doesn't take that much. I can create a new twitter account and get over 1000 followers in no time.

      I believe the key is not just quantity by quality.

      Especially, follow and retweet authorities and popular people in your niche.

      Again, just like on a forum or to your list, offer value, don't spam and contribute something.
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    write some good articles and tweet about them. Get a buzz going - maybe something controversial.

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    See on.. or this sites are good...
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    I don't think any software can help you achieve real results. Twitter is a community, you have to participate and give real value.

    Try to do conversations (using the @mention functionality) with people who are authority in your niche, be helpful and you'll get your followers
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      The fast way, buy a service from fellow warrior here.
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        Originally Posted by down View Post

        The fast way, buy a service from fellow warrior here.
        Any recommendations?
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    retweet smart, answer followers questions, just follow this golden rules and your followers will increase exponentially
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    1. You have to pay attention to other people, other people to pay attention to you

    2. More publicity

    3. Released some more interesting and useful things, and original

    4. More to review and reply to the interaction

    5,. Issued the content more pictures or video when combined, readable

    Many methods, key can't be impatient.

    Buy fans that is not feasible, make the network marketing can't worry, slowly to come

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    Originally Posted by riysoft View Post

    I want to increase my followers naturally or is there any tool for increasing followers? Please suggest.
    Do not be depend on any tool for results as it will be for short time. So try to increase the followers naturally so that it can be helpful for the long term. As be helpful to people , provide them the best ,new and useful information. Also be the instant responder when people need you and be live in the discussion all time. So this way people will attract to you for getting more information and by providing them the more information , you will get the more followers.
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    There are people/businesses out there you can get follower but these will not help any conversions or anything.

    If you want targeted people then you could do a few things -
    1. Give away some free advice, a free product or something controversial (all depends on your niche) and hope that it gets retweeted.
    2. Find some people or businesses in the same niche and follow their followers and hope they follow back (at least this way you will know that they are already interested in your niche).
    3. Have a competition on your site for people who re-tweet something interesting from your site you will give them something.
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    if you want to instantly increase twitter follower, you can go to, then choose the group and join. once you've followed twitter users in the chosen group, they will automatically follow you.
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    Here are a few... #TeamFollowBack #TeamAutoFollow #TeamAutoFollow #InstantFollow #FollowBack #iFollowBack #HubFollowBack
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      I am increasing my followers slowly. Every week I go and follow about 200 new people. Then i wait about a week or so and any one who does not follow me back , i will then unfollow. I end up adding about 75-150 people a week.

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      Originally Posted by itsHERO View Post

      Here are a few... #TeamFollowBack #TeamAutoFollow #TeamAutoFollow #InstantFollow #FollowBack #iFollowBack #HubFollowBack
      #teamfollowback is not okay.
      no one get the best result by doing that.

      It's annoying when your jeans look great at the beginning of the day but are way too baggy after a few hours.

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    follow other, always retweet hot topic, and ask people to follow you too
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    The most effective way is to create an attractive profile, can share some useful information and grab more followers, the given content must attract the followers and they must re tweet you.
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    Encourage your followers and friends to retweet your links. Retweeting pushes your @username into different social graphs, resulting in clicks back to your profile. Also, fill out your bio and when you post new tweets, use hash tags!

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    software and prorams such as twiends can get your numbers up but mostly they wont be real fans or followers so if youre trying to get a loyal targetted crowed then you need to grow naturally. I found that a regular update on twitter helps and also making sure you post relevant interesting content. also learn the proper use for #tags as this will put your message infront of many more poeple. Further, take part in trending topics which gets you noticed and finally - be more ballsy and write something controversial, something funny, something a bit on the edge, because people LOVE that!

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    Well the best way of increasing twitter followers is going for and following people in random, not all but most of them would tend to follow you in return.....
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  • hey,
    post informative tweets and follow people who can be helpful in increasing your business.

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      If you remember how real relationships work, then you will understand Twitter. How do you make friends and acquaintances in real life? Have we gotten so used to technology we need software to gain followers?
      • Post interesting and original content
      • Interact with others
      • Comment
      • Follow others and they may do the same in return
      The concept is not that hard to understand, it just takes time.
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    Go with the flow, follow the trend. And there's one thing that most people forgot to follow. Always use relevant and trending hashtags. It's one of the Twitter features that most people tend to neglect.

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    whats the problem then? you dont know how to follow piple in the twiter? select them by interest and press the button follow,thats ol.but this wont get you very far if you want to have $$ from twitter
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    Actually if you have a website with a lot of visitors, they will follow you automatically. But if you don't have, follow the others and they probably follow you too. And post interesting messages on twitter.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    Microworkers .com will let you set up twitter campaigns. For 5 cents each people will "retweet" your message and "follow" you.

    Great way to get followers for next to nothing.
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    Originally Posted by riysoft View Post

    I want to increase my followers naturally or is there any tool for increasing followers? Please suggest.
    Hi friend,
    I found this website for increasing Twitter followers and other social networks.
    I have tested it. Try. It's easy. Get Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Youtube Views, Linkedin Shares, Re-Tweets, And Google +1

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    Have you tried "social explosion system"? It's a software on an IM forum that seems to do what you're looking for. I think there's a coupon code floating around somewhere.
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      Looking at some interesting suggestions here! Unfortunately most of these websites and software usually become quickly outdated due to Twitter enforcing their terms of service, I wrote a guide that is intended to stay current for a long time with 60 tips on increasing followers. Looking to increase it to 100 but perhaps that's too long for many people!!

      Anyway check the link below and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Oh and tweets and likes etc LOL

      Latest Blog Post: 60 ways to increase Twitter followers

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    I just find followers who are interested in my niche and then tweet things which are real value. I also ignore tweeters who have like thousands of as follows as they aren't usually paying any attention to your tweet.

    Owner at: Graphic Design and More.

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    Connect your twitter to other social networking sites and make an announcement that you'd like to be followed on twitter. Add twitter widget to your website to help your readers or subscribers connect with you on Twitter. Put up "Follow me on Twitter" links on your e-mail so that people can easily find your twitter profile and follow you. Tweet well and post interesting links and ask people to retweet your post.
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