Google is NOT displaying the title tag in the SERPs

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I have noticed (more then once and with multiple websites) that Google is NOT displaying the title tag in the SERPs. They are ignoring the page title and providing their own title that they may deem to be more relevant.I'm not sure why this is happening,Guys did u notice this..?
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    Yes, it's happening especially if you are over optimizing the site with the target keyword.
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      Originally Posted by wegenbelasting View Post

      I saw it at a brand new site that wasn't optimzed at all. The fix is to put the title in your meta title, then it will grab it from there.
      You must have missed the part in the OP where he said Google is ignoring his title tag.

      I have a site Google just started doing this on recently. Pisses me off, lol.
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    Yep, its Google's results, they'll rename your page as they see fit. Seems to especially happen if you have built lots of anchor text links to that page, they will rename it as the most popular anchor text.

    "While tacit knowledge appears to be simple, it has far reaching consequences and is not widely understood."

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    Where does Google get off changing the title of your web site to suit them? I can't believe how presumptive they are to decide what the best title for your web page. They are getting way too big for their britches.

    Tim Pears

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      Yes..It happens to One of my sites too..But the difference is..Google display description which is different with meta description at my blog..And the title is the same as my site's title..I don't konw why..? But it happens just to one site..The other are no probem...
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        This has happened to me aswell. However, I think it is something that Google are doing to try and make sites more relevant to what people are searching. Therefore they can change title tags to whatever is most relevant to the search

        e.g. If I type my name in Google, the title tag only displays my name for my website. However, if I type in my keyword or keyphrase in Google it is still there

        I hope I am right in thinking this!
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