Would high bounce rate lead to adsense ban?

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I was wondering if your website has a high bounce rate, would you get banned from adsense,

mine is averaging 72.2%, is that good or bad? would I be in trouble ... ?
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    The bounce rate only tells you the percentage of people who came to and left the website from the same page. It won't get you banned, dodgy stuff gets you banned, like clicking your own links.

    Because your bounce rate is high, you now ask yourself why. You'll hear many say that you need quality/interesting/unique content, which is true. But it's also a lot more complex than this. Something you should research.

    How well does your page facilitate your visitors needs? Do your keywords have a duplicate meaning? Is your page well designed? And when your visitors land on your page, does it contain an identifiable link to what they are looking for?
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    Bounce rate has been a point of real confusion for me since I started my fitness website. It's always been around 80% but when I drill down on the actual pages the stats show that over 50% of the people are clicking through to other articles on my website.

    I've tried to figure it out a few times but in the end I've decided to just let it be. There are far more productive things I could be focussing on and I'm pretty sure my pages match the user's search queries reasonably well.

    For example, I have a page entitled '12 Top Health Benefits Of Jogging'. The search traffic to this page all comes from keywords related to the health benefits of jogging so I'm matching my visitor's intentions pretty well with the content on that page.

    To answer your original question, I don't think you would get banned for this. If someone finds your website and then clicks the Adsense advert on the first page they visit, that would be a bounce. It wouldn't make sense for Google to ban you from a program which will contribute to an increased bounce rate.
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