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Quick Question:

How well does google rank pages when you use a sub domain for an addition keyword?


Will the seo general rules apply with Google to rank on those? Especially if you SEO the rest such as content,anchor,URL?

Just curious it anyone has ever experimented with this concept?
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    It will work well. is a classic example.
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    As far as I've seen Google does index sub-domains.
    What effect the "sub" has on PR I don't know.

    Of course the best to ask is Google.
    So I did.
    Here are the top 2 results.
    Any success indexing sub-domains? Does G perhaps not like them?

    Ask Kalena: Q and A: Does Google prefer sub directories over sub domains? - Search engine advice column

    Just Google "Does Google index subdomains"

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    Short answer:
    If you are not planning to do any black hat techniques, sub domain will work very well for natural SEO. Especially if your whole site is about one topic/niche/theme. Make sure to interlink between the main domain and sub domains.

    Even if you are planning to do black hat techniques, sub domains will work well, but you should know what you are doing. And you should not have any links from your main domain to your sub domains.
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    placing the keyword at the front of the domain is just as the same as placing your keyword at the front of your title tag, higher the prominence of the keyword phrase, the better.

    So, make sure that your title, description has the keyword at the front and subdomain has the keyword as well.

    Just note though, subdomains are now treated as part of the same site, where before they were treated as different sites. Still effective, just not as effective as it was before when they were treated as different sites when they were linked together.

    I've got many sites like this with over 1000 subdomain keywords on them.. .each subdomain index page is like a site map that links to each related sub cat.. you'll find that the index / site map page will rank higher due to the onpage related hyperlinked keyword phrases in them
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    Hi Shane,

    I've experienced using a sub-domain is good.
    In the last SEOcontest2008 (visit my sub-domain achieved #9 in the Top 10 Winners.

    I also tried to use a sub-folder in SEO. But the result is not so good.
    I think using a sub-domain is better than using a sub-folder.

    Good luck for you
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    Pay Per Click Management is a technique used for marketing purposes which requires you to pay a fee every time someone opts and clicks to your website amongst the search engines results of advertisement.

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      I've had good success with subdomains

      I have a sweepstakes site with six subdomains and two of the subdomains account for over 50% of the overall traffic. The root domain generally receives about 10% of overall traffic. Regarding keywords the subdomains have more top ten rankings than the root domain.

      I know search engine position for top search queries because they are shown in google webmaster tools at Google Webmaster Central ... sign in with your google or blogger ID if you have one... also a great way to find out whether you are ranking for your targeted keywords... if not create some more backlinks using your chosen keywords as anchor text and you'll soon be ranking for that keyword.

      You apparently don't even need to have the word on your page to rank for it... did you hear about the one directed at President Bush? Hundreds of people added a link to his biography page on their sites using anchor text of 'miserable failure' and it resulted in his biography page having first position in google for the keyword 'miserable failure'... google fixed it though so it no longer comes up for that term.
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    Best example for the power of subdomains are or Once the main domain has some trust and power, it helps ranking the subdomains as well.
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    I know that subdomains get indexed and stuff like that. For me I haven't used to many subdomains for sites I've owned. The one site I can recall that I did use subdomains didn't seem to get the pages indexed as fast. That could just have been the site though. Who knows.
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    well each page of a website is considered as different and the ranking for that as well is done in the same way as of the home apge.......

    so concentrate the same way as you are doing efforts on the other pages.....
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