Adsense and Hubpages? Seriously?

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Hey Warriors,

I love adsense, even though I don't spend as much time on making money with adsense sites as I did 3 years ago..but anyway..this is pretty cool.

So anyone that has Hubpages and posts content to their hub...well you can put in your adsense pub id with them when you sign up for your account.

In the past, when I would submit articles to HP just to get link juice to my money pages...I didn't even bother using my adsense with them and just blew it off. Big mistake.

I just last week submitted a spun article to my hub within Hubpages and this time I put in my adsense pub id just for the heck of it.

Damn, a week later I made $15 in adsense from that one spun article.

Maybe that was a fluke...and will have to check stats in a month to see if it continues to get clicks...but wow pretty cool I thought.

The article was in the fitness niche..and some clicks were giving me $1.10 or more per click.

I kick myself to think that if I'd just done that sooner who knows how much I could have generated this way.

I think that blogger lets you do this too. So don't overlook this technique it's free money people!
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    I sense a lot of new fitness hubs coming soon now.
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    The fitness niche is hot right now with New Year's rolling around. Using other expensive cpc keywords and creating hubs with adsense should also do pretty well.
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      Hubpages has been very strict recently with their approval proccess. Did you have to edit your spun article to make it grammatically sound at least?
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