what are better alternative to yahoo explorer

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since they close yahoo ve been finding it very difficult in checking backlinks especially when doing kw research what should i do now need your reply
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    Google adwords tool is nice for the keyword research. But manual observation for the keyword be more helpful for you. As you might know that google shows the results that has highly matched or exact match word to the query and that is with the related content. So find such words in your field that highly used by people for their search. So this will be more helpful to your for effective results. But remember that this technqiue will take some time to show the results.
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    You can also check backlinks from Opensiteexplorer.org, backlinkcheck.com
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      Hi all, hope my first post will be of help.
      I like linkdiagnosis.com, it's SEOMoz database and it's free, but they want you to install their addon.
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    majesticseo and opensiteexplorer.org are good and possibly the best alternative.
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    I have found this three tools


    Hope that helps.
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    I usually use both of them majestic seo and opensiteexplorer for back links.
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    Open Site Explorer is a good alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer.
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    I also find alternate for yahoo site explorer. If you get any good tool then please also tell me about it.
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    Before yahoo site explorer shut down, I used bluebacklink.com, after yahoo site explorer shut down now I'm using OpenSiteExplorer.org, backlinkwatch.com and ahrefs.com.
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  • hey,
    I think opensiteexplorer.org and backlinkwatch.com are the better alternatives if yahoo is closed.

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      majestic is probably the most powerful backlink source today BUT very very expensive.

      ahrefs and OSE are overpriced and not nearly as powerful as majestic

      the best deal on backlinks is SEO SpyGlass with the new backlink index launched recently. it probably does not beat majestic (yet) but if you take price + backlink analytics features + number (and quality) of backlinks you get into consideration, it (imo) makes for a pretty good alternative to not only YSE but all of the above
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    OpenSiteExplorer, BacklinkWatch and Scrapebox are just some of the best tools out there.

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    Their are plenty of tool available on internet to check backlink of website like backlink watch, scrapbox, link explorer , opensiteexplorer and many more
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