How to Build A New SEO Promotions for Google Panda?

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Please anyone let me know that how to Build A New SEO Promotions for Google Panda?

Thanks in advance,
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    I'm not quite sure if I understand your question - you want to optimize your site and pages to be in-line with the latest Panda update?

    With the latest Panda updates you need to be more careful than ever with duplicate content. If your site contains too much duplicate content, Google will penalize your entire site and it will become difficult to even rank for your unique content articles.

    Also, doing something like spinning PLR articles on a word level is not sufficient any longer. The search engines are getting more clever and they won't "accept" poorly spun articles as unique content.

    Simple answer: Just write good unique articles.

    Something else: Surprisingly I found that for low and medium competitive keywords, even short 150-200 word articles rank very well with good on-page optimization and a sufficient number of backlinks from different sources.
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    make sure you not using the duplicate content and not spamming you link, try to use white hat techniques as much you can .
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    Originally Posted by Steffy Rose View Post

    Please anyone let me know that how to Build A New SEO Promotions for Google Panda?

    Thanks in advance,
    I have heard that after the panda updation, google provide more results from the social media and contain video mroe in showing the results. So start your work in this direction of getting the more traffic from the social media but use it with the planning.
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    Update your website with the unique content & try to collect quality backlinks
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    I’m sure most SEO’s have already read several articles about how to recover from the Google Panda or Farmer updates, many of which seem to be the same generic “10 SEO Facts” everyone should know moving forward. For those who remain in the dark about the Panda updates, in short, they have been very effective at weeding out sites with crappy content as well as keyword rich domains with crappy content. I’m not going to regurgitate the same information about quality and relevancy mattering more than ever, because it always has mattered. For Google, trust and authority have always been important, only now websites are going to have a much harder time showing up in the organic search results without it.
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    Google Panda is "all about content"...but SEO was also "about content" before the Chinese bears came into effect.

    All that "We need new SEO methods after panda" is really hoagwash, IMO. I think the only reason people claim this is to hype and sell so called "new SEO methods" and make gullible people believe that the other methods wont work anymore.
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