Google Analytics says a website is looking at my site, the same site looked at my other 7 websites!

by mert
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I noticed a website was apparently visiting at my sites when using real time Google analytics. Not only one site I have, I checked analytics report for 6-7 websites and saw they were also visited by Slow Food Ottawa Gatineau | Home.

Someone can tell me what might be going on?

Is that kind of analytics linkback scam?
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    This is very strange....this site appears in the analytics reports of all my sites. It's referring about 5-10 visitors on each of my sites.

    Does anybody else see this site in their analytics report?
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    Thats a bot
    It scours the webs and creates links to sites
    I read another guy on google, go google that name and see what comes up, same thing he said why are these guys linking to me
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    It seems that other people have reported the same issue also. If you do a search on google for "" you will find several discussions about this issue. Here is one such report: » Google Analytics / Link-back scamming? Blog @

    From what I've read it should not be a matter of concern.
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    I found the same thing, did think it was weird.
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    It's called "Referer Spam or Referrer Spam." I have the same site linking to all my sites. Only when I visit their site there is no link to any of my sites. If there were it would be completely irrelevant.

    From what I've been reading lately it's a BlueFart SEO script and there are many doing it. I'm not sure why this slowfood site is surfacing.

    The thing to do straight away is filter slowfood***.com and www.slowfood***.com (or whatever their URL is) out of your Google Analytics so your stats stay as reliable as possible.

    All the solutions I've seen involve long filter lists and .htaccess

    I'd Love more information about it if anyone comes up with anything.

    Wow! Does b1ackhat really become BlueFart here?
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    Saw this slow food website aswell in my reports last month. I had "traffic" coming from that website for about a week and then it stopped. Never saw it pop up again.
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