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I have a new adsense website that is already on page 3 on Google. I want to add some social bookmarks and was wondering if I should manually add like 10 bookmarks or could I go higher without hurting my rankings?

What else is good for a new website? Link wheels, pyramids, edu links, etc.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Do it manually or create a link wheel first for shield.
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    links pyramid will be good -
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    Buy a good SB package from Fiverr. That should set the ball rolling.
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    Do not use SB if site is new, it can cause a penalty
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    Yes, definitely NOT do a standard, spammy Scrapebox blast on a new domain, but you can safely go higher with the social bookmarks. Google regards those as a sudden peak of interest which is completely natural for example if you have something on the site that people want to share with each other. And that means good quality content, which is what G is constantly searching for, so your rankings will definitely improve.
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      You are better of building a couple of manual bookmarks and blasting those with scrapebox.
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    Do your Bookmarks gradually, and then build backlinks to the Social Bookmarks. Then add other properties gradually. Google knows your every move when it comes to Adsense sites. They don't want anybody gaming the system.

    Look on Warrior Forum for VinnyBock.
    He knows how to do everything the right way and his prices are great.

    Tell him I sent you.

    Best Wishes.

    LifeIsGood ~ It's About To Get Even Better!
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      Social bookmarking never pass negative value to sites, you can do 10 or more per days it will increase your traffic as well ranking.

      If possible then try to get ranked in digg and other high quality social sites by voting
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    Socially Bookmarking your site not only has the benefit of obtaining backlinks, it also increases your sites exposure. Many bookmarking directories have a system where members can either give a bookmark a positive or a negative vote. If members of a bookmarking directory like your web page, they will “vote it up”, increasing your sites exposure.
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    Try to vreat bavklinks on .edu and .gov sites.
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