Social bookmarking vs forum commenting. Which is better?

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Hello house. Your humble boy is at it again.
Just curious to know between social bookmarkin and forum posting which is more relivant so that I can devote more of my time on it.
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    Social bookmarking is not as 'personal' as posting on a forum. Forum posting is also a great way to promote CPA offers to a forum that might not be aware of what CPA offers are. So, if you want to consider forum marketing for CPA offers:

    - post a few posts,
    - gain a bit of credit and
    - then recommend you CPA offer to the forum.

    Just ensure you are aware of the forum rules for posting links.
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    Forum posting is more relevant if done on niche forums but both methods of linking should be done if you want more diversity. Although these are admittedly low quality links, better than nothing I guess.
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    all depends on what you want. Traffic from those links to your site, or link juice for SERP increase.

    They both can do both! Also depends on your product too.
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    Both can contribute to your site. But do more on forum posting.
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    I like forum posting than social bookmarking because I got more traffic from forums than Social bookmarking..

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    Both are best practice for these days. But forum posting is better than social bookmarking.
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    Forum posts carry more weight as far as back linking goes. I would still do social bookmark.g as well to mix it up.

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    As almost says Forum is the best which gives BL, latest updates and news, many sharing and fun....
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    Originally Posted by ezennaemeka View Post

    Hello house. Your humble boy is at it again.
    Just curious to know between social bookmarkin and forum posting which is more relivant so that I can devote more of my time on it.
    Which is more relevant, turning left or right once I walk in the door at Walmart?

    My question is to illustrate a point. Which one is more relevant will completely depend on many factors. Are you just trying to get a low quality backlink? Then either will be about equally effective.

    If you are trying to get targeted traffic directly to a sales page, then there is zero doubt a forum post will be more effective.

    You might consider this...If you are promoting a real product which you can share about in targeted forums, why don't you make high quality posts on the forum and then social bookmark those posts?

    I look at social bookmarking as leaving a bread crumb for the search engines to find my new pages and index them faster, but never view them as relevant to ranking a page.

    I look at forum posts as relevant to driving traffic to an offer and engaging an audience, but never as relevant to ranking a page.

    The value of those backlinks are so low they should only be treated as an extra you put on top of your real backlinking chores.
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    Am trying to promote a blog not a sales page. All I need is backlinks that will boost my SERP.
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    For SEO,bookmarking is the better option,i have seen better result with bookmarking.The reason it's more powerful because google notices bookmarking links faster and more easily.With forum links most of the times google doen't find those links.
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    Both has great importance. Bookmarking effect on ranking more where as forum posting will give you more targeted visitor.

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      As if we speak about social bookmarking and forum commenting for getting traffic, I would say that both are great options but social bookmarking is something that can create instant traffic but all the traffic that comes from bookmarking is not always targeted and the traffic that comes from forum participation is targeted but again it can be beneficial only if you are participating on the right forum and the correct category.
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    I do not understand why you are comparing two services.

    You should use both to get the link diversify.
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    I think social bookmarking and forums posting both are very good link building techniques in search engine optimization.Social bookmarking helps your site to increase page ranking in different search engines.Forums posting in a relevant forums is an effective way of improving your site page ranking.
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    I always give preference to the forum rather than social bookmarking websites.I think forum are beneficial from seo point of view and one gets to learn lots and lots of things.
    They are indexed frequently and useful threads about the updates are advantageous.
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    I think Social Bookmarking is the best way to explore your business online because through a single social bookmarking website you can spread your thing or story on several bookmarking websites while Forum is use to participate in a group discussion where you can only leave your signature link in the bottom of your replies.
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    I prefer forums, that you can get visitor that they are likely more interested in your content
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      Originally Posted by garathnormanmtts View Post

      I think social bookmarking and forum commenting both are better to promote your site through..
      Yes, I agree both are useful for seo and both are needed to rank well on Google, you cannot separate them one of the is good and another one is bad you need both.

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    I litrellay feel that if you want instant traffic then go for social bookmarking but if you need to get rank high for your keyowrd then go for forums posting it will give your keyword wattage.SO vote goes to Forums posting
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    The choice between forum posting and social bookmarking really depends on what you want to achieve and how soon. Remember that some forums only have a few members but they could be highly responsive to certain niche offers. In my experience though, I gotincreased traffic mostly orginating from Social bookmarking because I only target high PR sites.


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    I think bookmarking and forums boths are best coz

    Bookmarking get's better back link and forums get good traffic.

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