Does it make sense to make 50 small sites with adsense

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I have a website that make 50 to 100 dollars per month. If i make 30 or 40 of these wouldnt that be a good idea or would this require to much time and effort? so 50 dollars x 30 eqauls 1500-3000 per month. just wondering. Thanks
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    Sounds like a great idea. But how would you know the other 30-40 sites will also make 50-100 dollars per month just like your first site, so you should ready to profit and also to lose money and time if other sites do not do well..
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      This is the truth. I am worried about that. but I have to make sure that the sites will be worth doing--maybe msall niches. Not sure. Still pondering.
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    If you can do it then why not? That is a very challenging idea.
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    If that site can earn $100 per month, it will also earn $200+.

    Just saying...
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    I have never made that many adsense sites, but I have made a lot of sites doing CPA. Some makes more, some only managed one or two sales in a month despite high rankings.

    Anyway, how I did it was, start building 5 first, then another 5 and so on. Taking it slow but steadily so that you'll have time to sort out your SEO work and overall planning. I tried not to rush things so I won't be overwhelmed... Good luck!

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    I am not in the favor of this idea.

    Managing one site is easy but managing 40-50 sites is extremely difficult. Because, AdSense bots are very strict about their guidelines. If you think, you can maintain the quality of 50 websites... GO ahead!

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    I can tell you from experience that this can for for a short time but in the long run, there's just no way to sustain the momentum and link building required to keep that many sites ahead of the SEO rat race. Eventually most of your sites will drop out while only a couple will remain.

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    There are huge difference between promote 1 website and promote 50 websites, you need more time, more resources, more tools, more luck and the most important, more work.
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    Would be much better to make 4 or 5 bigger sites that make about $500 a month. Easier to manage and would assume they would be better quality so more chance to do well under a manual reciew.
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    I'd suggest you take a look at TryBPO's AdsenseFlippers website:
    AdSense Flippers | AdSense Sites | Micro Websites | Selling Sites | Internet Businesses For Sale

    and Spencer's site:
    Niche Pursuits | Find Business Ideas, Niche Websites, and Much More!

    That will give you some good insight into your plan. Then, I'd recommend reading this PDF for a slightly different perspective on the direction Adsense is going:

    There are two schools of thought. One is micro niche sites in high volume, the other is authority sites, or mini-authority sites. You'll have to decide which system looks most sustainable for you, but those 3 references should help you come to a conclusion.

    (Of course, nothing prevents you from doing both.)

    One important note...consider getting an Adsense business account along with your personal account. Do your micro-niche sites in one and other sites in another. It might save you some future headaches.
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    It's not that easy, I would like to put a little more effort on one site to make some more money. But you can have a try, and hope you success!
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    Sounds like a good idea and in the process you'll probably learn about what works and what doesn't...
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    People do do it, thats 100% known fact. Personally, I think its way too much work and its not guaranteed.

    You may have gotten lucky with that one site making that much money, and the next one or next 20 might not!

    Building an authority site that ranks on page 1 for inner pages will solidify its position alot better and won't be so flakey.

    Find some posts from a Warrior called Yukon, there has been some big talk about this in other threads.

    Wait I just realised he posted in here lol!
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    Your all sites will fight with each other to rank ... lollzz

    Why don't you get another niche and make another website on another niche.
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      WAs thinking of tht too. the thought of having that many sites us daunting to say the least. The plan was to make small miche sites and let the chips fall but I can see from all these good people that I need to rethink my plan. This isnt my money maker--product and how to videos is my bread and butter. Just had the idea the other day thought I would pass it around. Thanks alot for taking time to answer.
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