Google Analytic makes ranking drop or not?

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My site was on #1 for a week then i changed my theme 4 days ago, nothing happened. Then i put Google Analytics to my new theme yesterday and then BAM! today i woke up and my ranking dropped like flies.

Was Google Analytic the cause or the new theme?

I already optimized my new theme just like i did with my old theme.
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    no chance, Analytic will not do any harm to traffic.. may be another problem.. and the changes u maid may be the problem.. bcz any changes made will not effect immediately .. will take some more check the site well ....
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    It could be just a standard adjustment for a new site, too. Many sites rank high fast then drop like a rock. That is when the real work begins.

    Could changing your theme cause a ranking change? Sure...if the theme had hidden outgoing links to problem sites. If the new theme obscures tags, headlines, titles, or other content which added to your optimization before. If the new theme loads slower. If the new theme is poorly created resulting in bad HTML code...

    Could adding Google Analytics cause a drop? Many people claim that GA has caused them problems since Google now has a clearer picture of your site. I'm not convinced on this issue yet.

    If I were in your shoes the first thing I'd be doing is evaluating if the new theme changed the way my content is presented. Then I would compare my backlink profile and on-site optimization to sites in the top 5 of Google. Compare the quality of content between your site and theirs. Do you deserve to be #1? (Honestly...not Wishfully)

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    Google analytics is not responsible for your low PR. It just provide you information about the traffic data. If you have made changes in your website then you must wait for some time as it will not show its immediate effect. Time to time check your site.
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    coincidence i think mate. Keep doing what you are doing and build some back links and I am sure you will pop back up.
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    If I use Google to see how my rankings are on the same PC too often I always seem to get a very high ranking. As soon as I check on someone elses PC then the rankings have crashed. I presume this is because of Cookie activity making my site higher when I frequently search for it. It is quite disheartening
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    no dear it's not possible.
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    You should be asking:

    What is Google getting from my site after I placed the code?
    Does Google get all data that can get a site punished?
    Etc Etc

    And YES, sites using Google's Adsense/Webmasters Tools/Analytics are known to have "mysterious" drops outs - among other magical weirdnesses... In fact if you guys search WF about it you'll see threads about it from this summer.
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    I would say it's more relates to changing your theme - adding Google Analytics code will not hurt your site at all. Perhaps the previous theme you were using was more SEO friendly than the other one? If your site is ranking #1 don't change anything in the future - it means what you're doing is working =D
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