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Hey Guys,

I would really like to talk to as many people as possible who have bought links or signed up to one way link generating schemes for the purposes of SEO and NOT for the purpose of link advertising.

I have much of my own information and findings to share also so information exchange will not be one way. PM me if you have some data and would like to share, in return I will show you some top rankings I have achieved and how I did it.



PS I am looking for people who have actually done this themselves and not people who have read a forum post somewhere and want to repeat what they heard. Again.. thanks!
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    I have purchased links via the DP forum and saw a great boost in rankings. I'm also a member of linkvana, and it helps me build those precious one way links. I really like the ability to easily build links to inner pages using it.
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    When I'm looking to buy links, I look for high PR but if the site doesn't have any traffic, I'll pass on the links. I also don't like to purchase links on pages with more than 20 outbound links, no matter what the page rank.
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  • Paid links work well but there are several caveats.
    Check the site thoroughly for fake pagerank
    Pay via Paypal so you have at least some protection if you are duped
    Go with themed sites in your niche if possible
    Always aslk to see the actual page where your link will be before you decide.
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    A great way for links are sponsored templates for wordpress for example. If the template becomes popular, you'll get loads of links without any monthly fees and if you choose the themes you sponsor wisely, most of the sites using it will probably even be on your topic.
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