How does Google divide traffic between the top 10 search results for a kw?

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Let's say a KW gets 100k searches a month, how does Google divide the traffic with the top 10 search results for a given kw?

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    Google has no control over the traffic distribution
    its controlled by human nature.............supposedly 42% click on the first result

    but with all the hordes of paid ads google stacks on top, who knows how this screws up the numbers
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    I guess Google does not do anything to divide traffic because net audience would be deciding which sites to visit first. Naturally, when it comes to examining the status of top ten domains on the front page of Google for every single market and niche, even a single position would be saying a lot. For example, the fourth website on the first page of Google will be visited more than the portal which is listed at sixth spot because higher positions usually tend to absorb more clicks.

    Apparently, there would be a very hot competition among domains which manage to reach the front page of Google, in almost all niches because when it comes to counting the number of times people pay visits to homepages of websites, even a single position movement would matter. Top five sites can be named to get visited by more people than the sites from six to ten. In such situations, even weeks and months of SEO work would be done for going up just one single placement.
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    About 30% goes to paid ads.

    I forget the exact breakdown of the rest but based on experience...

    #1 = Lots
    #2 = Kind of a Lot
    #3 = You think you're getting traffic
    #4 = There's hope
    5-10 = Doesn't matter.

    Now for a term that gets 100K/month you'll actually get decent traffic anywhere on page 1, but 1-3 is where the money is, and #1 is a huge difference.

    Nothing to see here

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    The traffic in the top ten is going to be based solely on how well your description and title grab the attention of surfers. If the #1 spot has a compelling title and description then they will probably just click on that one. There is a % breakdown on what the average traffic is but it's not an absolute...Here is a link.

    Other than that, Packerfan has a pretty good interpretation.

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    The traffic consists of people clicking, not Google controlling what people click on (although they are always trying to find ways to do that).

    You will find that people also click on several results for their particular search, but of course stop the second they find what they are searching for. This makes it important to properly represent your content in the title and description and follow through by giving them what they are searching for when they reach your page.
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    Originally Posted by TheNewGuy2010 View Post

    Let's say a KW gets 100k searches a month, how does Google divide the traffic with the top 10 search results for a given kw?

    You were probably thinking of something like this : The value of Google results positioning. Enjoy

    It does stray away in most cases but not much. It also depends on the title and on the description. You must also take into consideration that adwords usualy takes about 15-25% (5 ads or more).

    Sincerely, Buyseech
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