Adsense as a Viable Income Stream in 2012?

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I have been blessed and lucky enough to be able to sustain a modest FT IM income. Having said that I am looking into new options for 2012. I have been looking seriously at Adsense. I know with the Panda slaps and all that this can get rough but I'd appreciate opinion from those with success in this income stream if you think it is still viable? From what I read the $100K Blueprint is the "bible" of adsense. Still true? If not your thoughts on how I should proceed? Where I should go to learn?

Thanks and all the best in 2012....Freemen
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    Adsense is definitely one viable source of income, but I surely wouldn't make it my only source of income. I learned that after my first (and best) adsense site frequently took hits in the SERPS. I then decided I don't want to build an entire adsense empire only to wake up one morning and see my income cut to a fraction because of an update on Googles behalf.

    I do however still have some adsense sites and they provide a fraction of my internet income.
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    No second thought that Adsense is a Viable Income source but policies of Adsense are too complex for the new website secondly, there are many other alternate to Adsense like Adbrite, Bidvertiser & etc. Adsense don't approve new websites that easily.
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      I agree with Matt, Adsense is certainly a great way to monetize your site but it's better to use different monetization methods in order to not rely only in one.

      Additionally before you choose what monetization methods you will use you should find out which one is the best one for your own site.

      For example if you have a site with a lot of traffic and you want to make it look an authority one on your niche it's better to sell add space direct to advertisers in order to control what exactly is promoted thru your site and without a middle man like google...
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