Which should I use to estimate organic keyword traffic in adwords?

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My link building expert has set the keywords to broad and exact match. Which should I use to estimate the traffic of my keywords? Broad or exact? Considering that long tail keywords can also pull up site in google.
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    Personally, I like using exact, but there's no "right" answer.
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    In my opinion it completely depends upon the competition of your website. But generally people use exact phrases.
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      Here's how to effectively use them...

      Exact is obviously going to tell you exactly how many people are searching for your term.

      Phrase then tells you how many searches are done with the phrase in it.

      The bigger the gap between those two numbers, the more "long tail" keywords there are.

      Makes the decision much easier to figure out if you should keep looking for keywords with your main keyword in it or not.

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        There really is no perfect answer..

        Think about it like this.... Even if you use exact...

        Say the keyword gets 1000 visitors...

        Even if you rank 1st, they say you only get around 40% of the traffic.... Now take away the 5-10% who don't click on any link and you're at about 350 a month for that keyword.....

        That 1000 exact match isn't so perfect anymore. Then again its way better then broad which will give you way too much..

        Granted you will most likely rank for long tail keywords.... There is no perfect answer.
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    I prefer to use exact match... because when you actually start competing you will observe a huge difference in traffic.

    Broad match stats includes results from other closely related terms which is why broad match is deceptive...

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