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I have seen a few sites and directories that offer reciprocal links in exchange for a link from their site, should I include a page of my site offering this and hoping that people will link to me because of this ?

I also heard one way links to my site are better, so is it a bad idea ?
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    Do not exchange links directly as the big G does not like it.

    Do a search for link exchanges in webmaster guidelines and they say it there. You can get away with a few exchanges but not advised.

    The best way round this it to offer a link from another high PR or popular site you own for a link to your main site from theirs. This way it will be a one way link and you will not have this issue.

    On another thing, do you not need to be regulated for this type of site in the UK?
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    Thanks for that, the solicitors are regulated.
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    Yep - Totally agree with NEseO. I do not link back to the linkdirectory sites, besides how weird would it look to have a whole bunch of links pointing out from my site to link directory sites, especially if my sites have nothing to do with that topic.

    This is also the reason that I like to have at least 2 sites that are in the same topic, that way I can approach sites that I would like to get a link from and offer a 3 way link exchange. And of course if sites approach me for a reciprocal link exchange (the ones that I would want to exchange with that is!), then I reply explaining the disadvantage of reciprocal linking and give them a 3 way option to consider.

    ON that note I got a link exchange request the other day that I had to turn down because they way they went about it turned me off. It was for an exchange with a site with a similar topic to mine. The problem for me was that they already put a link up on their site to mine and then crafted the email something like this (shortened version):

    "Dear website owner, we love your site blah blah. Your site is quality, so is ours - blah blah. Reciprocal linking good for both our sites blah blah. So I have given you a link from our link page and we EXPECT that you link back to us with this anchor text and description."

    So they lost me at the word EXPECT! Expect nothing, that is what I say :-) They have course were using the tactic of if I link out to this site first they will appreciate it and this will make them likely to link back. Personally I find that to be not a good approach.

    If all that hadn't turned me off from reciprocating, then the page my link was on, had about another 50 links on there - I don't think so!!!

    So - I politely declined, and I got the response "why sir", but I didn't feel like going into the details, so I didn't answer.

    Anyhows - that is my minor rant over with!
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    I agree that reciprocal linking is an issue. A 3 way link exchange is good. IMO this is best to do through a service where members consciously choose the sites (based on PR) to which they link to and then earn credits to get their links put on other sites. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep track of who is keeping your links alive.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have travel websites, and I often link exchange with websites have same themes. Link Exchange or three-way link exchange. It's affected good for my sites.
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    Three-way link-exchange is optimal according to recent seo reports from the sector.
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    It is a complete bad idea if you want to stay in the Google search engines. Google spotted these link exchange services quite a few years ago and have began punishing all sites which practice such techniques to manipulate rankings.

    Bad idea

    Heed the warnings from all who are contributing to this thread and you will do just fine.

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      yes I also agree with others three way linking is better rather than using reciprocal linking.he main disadvantage of reciprocal links is that you share everything, including the customers. By placing links to other websites on your site, you are encouraging them to visit these other sites. So, while you may be getting increased traffic, you may experience reduced sales as visitors navigate away to other websites.
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    One-way links are the best forms of votes websites can be powered with and you are highly recommended not to exchange links with any directories because they usually are consisted of hundreds or even thousands of links and the impacts on your web stats or positions could be very bad. Your site could experience drops in the number of pages indexed and decrease in traffic shares and placements. Exchanging links with a few authority sites could be a good idea sometimes.

    Even some top-ranking portals in competitive niches can be found that exchange links with a few handpicked domains which are in their own niches. One thing which is important is trying to set such reciprocal and even three-way linking numbers to minimum because as mentioned, direct one-way links are the best votes to gain for websites. Instead of exchanging links with directories, try finding a few ones which offer links, on pages that closely match your subject.
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    Originally Posted by whiplashclaims View Post

    I have seen a few sites and directories that offer reciprocal links in exchange for a link from their site, should I include a page of my site offering this and hoping that people will link to me because of this ?

    I also heard one way links to my site are better, so is it a bad idea ?
    One way links are the more useful for the site and quality & relevant maintain in one way links. Two way link exchange is also good but only when exchange of links with relevant sites. But might be one can not get the relevant links so it can be affect negatively for the site.
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    Three link building is a good strategy is a good techniques though it involves some risks
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    If you are looking for link exchange, then do it with your similar niche websites, but not with directories.
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    You can exchange links with the attention of gaining direct traffic but not the PR. Go for nofollow type of sites.
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    hi friend i am a link builder looking for link exchanges of the following theme pr1+ obl < 20 Travel,Seo,Marketing no need resource,link and partner pages
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