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I'm introducing another free SEO tool from

IMT SERP Checker is Alive!!!

This free tool is very easy, simple and fun to use.
All you need to know in order to use this tool is explained below each input field,
the rest is really self explanatory...

About This Tool

This SERP Rank Checker is working with Google(for now) and all its domains/locations.

It will get, report and store certain ranking data for your keywords and URLs,
like First Rank, Best Rank, Lowest Rank, Latest Rank, and Latest Rank Change
and all dates fore these ranks will be recorded either.

Although it is FREE it is based on your membership level at,
You will able to track certain number of keywords based on your current membership level,
more details here:
IMT SERP Checker - Main Thread

More info on membership levels/groups and activity points can be found here:
Member Groups, Features, Options & Permissions at
Member Activity, Promotions, Ranks, Achievements, Contests, Awards, Trophies at


Sometimes you can see that rankings in reports are different from one in your browser.
This can be caused by few things, but it is manly seen when your rankings "dance" in SERPs.
"Google Dance" can be caused also by few things, like some SEO intervention(On-Page, Linkbuilding, Social, etc) or your competitors SEO or Google algorithm change, etc...
This tool is using many proxy sites to check SERPs, which are located worldwide,
so Google data centers might serve them different results until rankings are propagated to each data center and become "more stable".

Final words

This is it for now.
Iif you have some questions, bug to report, or else please post here.
And BTW every feedback is welcome!

I didn't forgot it don't worry , here it is:
IMT SERP Checker

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