cant log into my old adsense account

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hi just throwing this one in here because im getting no reply from google,they make contacting them and getting answers so hard.

im not sure which way to go about this.
i will tell you the facts so i may be able to get some help.

last year and early this year i had a website called, and i set up a google account and for adsense and my email i used for the sign in was

the company i was dealing with for the site wasnt giving me the training and promises i was promised so, i quit and cancelled my site,which also i stopped the email account (smartermail) ) i was using for my website and also google account.

over the last few months i've been building a new site and its recently gone live.
a little while back i changed the email in my google account to from
and now my site is now live i went to log into my google adsense account to get the pub id and i cant login as im guessing it was set up for my old website and email account.
i'm not able to use the email account now so i am at a loss of what to do to get adsense on my new site which is

hope you can help me get my adsense code for my new site,

kind regards
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    Same problem here too...dont know what is adsence doing ...
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    Setup a brand new account. They will then email you telling you that you have been declined because your details match an existing account. In the email there will be a link to take you to a page where you can effectively revoke all ownership of the old account, they will close it, including any outstanding money and will open the new account in the new Gmail account. That is providing the new website you are applying with meets the criteria for having an adsense account in the first place.

    Source: Happened to me
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      i've just done that,it says up to 48 hours, so we'll see what happens.
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    Same problem here too...dont know what is adsence doing ...
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