Could you explain something that confuses me re google adsense

by carolf
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I did some keyword research today and found a super wee keyword with low comp, high search and a cpc of approx £1.42.

So I wrote a blog post and published it today. I had 3 clicks on the ad and was paid 30p for each click?

Could someone shed light for me. I know its says approx £1.42 but there is a vast difference between that and 30p

cheers, Carol
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    That doesn't necessarily mean that £1.42 is the price that the advertiser ended up paying for the ad. It could end up less, could be more.

    Another aspect is that google will take their cut of the £1.42 of it as well. So, you must include that into what you expect to receive if someone clicks your ad.

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    thanks fokusnow

    I will keep on learning xx
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      The CPC in the Google keyword tool is for the search network, if you're displaying Google ads on your site you're on the display network which has a higher payout 68%, but a much lower CPC. Use the Contextual Targeting tool for a closer CPC. Also are you sure the clicks are for the keyword you're targeting? A lot of times it's for a totally different keyword that gets the click. If you have Awstats in your cpanel or have a tracking program like you can get an idea what keywords searchers are using to find your site.
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        I would suggest you use the Google Contextual Targeting Tool to get more accurate data on keyword CPCs.

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    Also the rates do change.
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    good job on finding that low competition keyword. That's really awesome!
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      Originally Posted by kea55 View Post

      good job on finding that low competition keyword. That's really awesome!
      You forgot the part about posting it to a blog today AND getting 3 clicks already.
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    It is awesome to get some clicks already when you just posted it today. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience because I was confusing over the same thing too in the past. It is good to learn from other people experience sometimes. CPC is determined as average what the advertiser will give but some advertisers will give more or less too depending on what they are advertising.
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    That is pretty normal. The average CPC is based on the search network and the content network normally has a much lower bidding price. I have seen that it can take a little time for best ads to start showing and I usually see the earnings go up slightly over time.
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    We are experiencing a massive storm in Scotland and the power keeps going off.

    So I just logged in and found all these awesome responses. Cant tell you how incredibly grateful I am and you have given me a huge boost of confidence.

    and an esp huge thanks for the tools suggestions. I am off to refine my searches

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    btw I have noticed that the quality of my ads is really improving.

    I know I must never click on my own ads but yesterday I couldnt resist one and I ended up in amazon buying the product LOL

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    First,congrats on the 3 clicks so fast!!!

    On cpc, all of the above is correct. Some main considerations (and do not consider too long) is the advertisement you are putting on your website is auction based. SO cost per click will be adjusted accordingly.

    If it is a text block the top ad may pay out a lot more than the bottom ad...
    Different times of the day or different days of the week can make a difference depending on advertisers and their budgets

    You adds above your website site line fold may pay out more than below the fold...and on and on.

    What I find is on a $5 dollar cpc it may range from $.29 cents to over $10. bucks but it all averages out.

    congrats again!

    mike reynolds
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