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I've been getting into niche sites and driving organic traffic lately and have a question when it comes to analyzing your competitors backlink situation. I know some people do an analysis of the average pagerank of the top 10 SERP results for their keyword, and I'm wondering how people interpret/calculate when coming across supplemental pages that do not have a PageRank, but rank between #1-10.

I've been giving them 0s in my calculation and looking at the overall domains link situation, but was just wondering if anyone else had experience with this, and more importantly overtaking such pages.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but I go to majestic seo to check backlinks for top 10 on page 1. If they have under 100 links I go for it.

    As far as page rank it doesn't really matter, one of my sites has a page rank of 3 and I am beaten by a new competitor with a page rank of N/A. The advantage he has is experience and much better on/off page seo.

    But the best tip I can offer is the longer the keyword the better. I have created 2 sites in 1 week and barely began building backlinks and the sites are already generating some money.

    Hope that helps!
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    I will give you an example - my last website is PR0. It is 2 weeks old - I guess Page Rank is impossible at this time. But I rank in the top 10 SERP.

    Many reasons possible. PR is just a small part of all the SEO factors.
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