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This will be a lengthy post.

I created my first website a couple weeks ago and had no experience with SEO at all. I just picked a ton of words that had a ton of monthly searches and stuck those into All In One SEO. Now I'd like to actually do it right and I'll be explaining my process in this thread and you guys can tell me if I'm doing it right.

(For those that don't click the link above, the site is for a local service business)

1: Using Google I searched for my competitors using the top search terms used to find my page. After finding their pages, I Quaked them.

2: Using SEOQuakes results, I copy and pasted all the keywords from approx 20 different competitors websites. (It was interesting to note that some of the sites didn't even show keywords, so I'm assuming sites like those are only on page one because of domain age and off-page seo, correct?)

3: After compiling the list in Notepad, I transferred them all to Excel and then sorted them to isolate duplicates. I picked 15 keywords that were duplicated most and deleted the rest.

4: I took the keywords I was left with and put them into GKT and came up with this.

Now, the top three keywords obviously are the most searched, but they're also the broadest. If I understand it correct, when you're using your keywords you want to use your best first. However, since this site is for a local service business, the top three wouldn't be as relevant as the others, therefore should be used towards the end. Again, that's just me assuming, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

5: Now that I have those keywords, I'll need to replace the ones I'm currently using, not only for my keywords but for my page titles as well. Again, I'll have to pick one or two (if I can make it fit) of the most relevant to use in my titles while not making it obvious that I'm stuffing them.

6: The first image below is an example of what I'll need to look for to make sure I've done #5 correctly. The result below is for one of the new keywords that I somehow managed to miss in my original keyword list, so as you can see, it's not ranked very high. My goal will be to obviously get higher on that list with on and off-page SEO. The second picture below is an example of a keyword I ranked better for, however it wasn't in the new list. When you look at the two, it's easy to see why I ranked better (at least to me it is) for the latter, seeing as how you can actually use that in a sentence. The first, not so well, but you would use that in a Google search. So my next question is, how do you incorporate that into good on-page SEO? I guess it would make sense for those results to be influenced by both on and off-page SEO, but I'd like confirmation.

7: To further verify that I'm doing my SEO properly, I'd also need to check my ky density via SEOQuake which the below picture shows. The results below are taken from my first list of keywords and not the updated ones. For proper SEO, I would need for most if not all of my keywords to be listed with adequate density, yes? Which, I don't have in the image below.

That pretty much concludes my thread. If I'm doing anything incorrect, which I more than likely am, please let me know. I know it's a lot of information, hopefully I don't scare off too many people that can help me.
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    I am having trouble seeing some of the images you posted, but based on what you are saying it sounds like you have been able to select some main keywords to go after.

    When you use the GKT, make sure that you change the match types settings on the left hand side to exact. This will help you see exactly how many people are searching for that keyword every month and it will make it easier to pick the ones you want to target.

    I don't know what your main keywords are, but I am assuming it would be something along the lines of "San Diego Pool Service". You will want to make sure your home page has the keyword in the H1 Title, in your image alt tag, and in the content a few times. You may want to consider adding a little more content to the home page and keep the keyword density around 3%. Adding more content about the different areas you service will also help you rank for some of the more long tail keywords

    After that you can create a few pages that are designed to rank for some secondary keywords that you want to target. Each one can be formatted like a landing page with a good call to action, so that anyone that arrives on your site can easily be converted into a lead.

    You have some work ahead of you, but you are definitely on the right track.

    Good Luck!
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