How long to rank a blog post?

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Say with a 1 year old site that is already ranked for the main keyword. How long does it usually take to rank a new post from the same site? With all the proper backlinking and onpage seo of course.
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    Simply, there is no set time.

    The Google Page Rank algorithm is complex. There could be a plethora of reasons why one page on a site ranks whereas another does not (quickly, or even, at all).
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    It depends on how much competition there is for the keyword that you are trying to rank for. With a low competition secondary keyword and a little link building to that page, I can normally rank a page within a few weeks or about a month.

    Even then, there are no guarantees when it comes to Google. Cast a wide net and some will rank well and others will not.
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    Originally Posted by Franksol View Post

    Say with a 1 year old site that is already ranked for the main keyword. How long does it usually take to rank a new post from the same site? With all the proper backlinking and onpage seo of course.
    I've seen this vary between 7 minutes and several days. For the 7 minute test, I wrote a new article, created a summary and posted it on an internal blog linking to the new article, then ping'd and social bookmarked the blog great.
    I also had a brand new domain earlier today go from setting up the hosting and being indexed #30 for the main kw in less than 6 hrs....but that's pretty rare, at least for me.
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    All it depends on Google. It may take 2 days, week or month to increase the rank of your new post.
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    No fix time for rank the keyphrase its consume by SEO experience. Its depand how much competitive your keyphrase, and how much relate your blog/website to the keyphrase. after all that depend how much backlink you have, if you have more back link in compare of your competitor you will come on the top in SERP fastly. Content and Backlink is the king for SERP.
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    I think to do that, we just need to backlink the inner page,, I mean, that particular page ... I think we can do it manually, moreover if you've built an established home page backlink... it'll be easier to rank it..
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    First of all, it belongs to the competition of your niche. Then the content of your blog. I get page rank 1 for me site within 1month due to quality content, I didn't work for that site.
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    if keyword is low competitive then you will get ranking in a week but if keyword is competitive then it takes time. Proper interlinking will helps you to get first page rank
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    It depends on many different factors including the competition, number of people searching for relevant keywords, how good your on-page SEO is, now natural your off-page SEO appears to search engines (for more info on why that is so vital, go to the site on my Sig, click "Free downloads" and get my free report on this), and other factors too.

    Just keep learning how to improve all those factors, keep giving valuable information to your audience, and you'll succeed!

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      If your site is really well-established and is already ranking atop for a keyword, then the new post should not be that hard to rank. Especially if the keyword you are targeting with the new post is strongly related to the site's main keyword, the chances are you can rank right after the Googlebot indexes your site.

      Although it is pages that rank in the SERPs, no sites as such, if you have a strong site, it can back up the internal page you are trying to rank

      - Trev
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    It will only cause' frustration in striving to get a particular ranking in a given time since there are no specific time as to when your newly posted content will rank.

    So work naturally. Don't target keywords that are in a very stiff competition because you will be having a tough time for that.
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    It of course depends on a variety of things. If your on-page seo is perfect, the content is high quality and the competition is easy you can get on the first page within 12 hours if you know what your doing "link building wise". However for the normal person it can take weeks or even months. It all depends on the depth of your knowledge.
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