Post Panda, does mass submitting to article directories still bring useful links or traffic?

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Post Panda does mass submitting to article directories still bring links and traffic? I am thinking of buying Article Marketing Robot to submit to directories, is this worth doing or have article links been devalued?
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    The links will eventually be'll work for a while though!
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    Right now they still work to some extent, but in my opinion, Google is going to kill off article directories completely in 2012.

    It's probably best to not use them and just focus on building a quality site because that will help you more in the long run.
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    Do not blast one time with new site, I got sandbox after blast with AMR and get more than 100 approved URL. I think this can be good backlink army for your tier-1 backlink.
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    You'll get much better SEO results if you make your backlinks look as natural as possible, so a few articles in that mix is good, but tons of articles, if there is any "footprint" (ie. if they are not all unique or very well spun) or if it's out of proportion to the rest of your backlink types, then Google is likely to discount those un-natural looking backlinks and you'll have been wasting your time.

    I've got a free 27-page report on how to get the best from backlinking, which has a lot of details including the reasons for what I've said above, and what you can do about it, as well as ways to backlink effectively.

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    I believe the relevance of links from such article directories is going on decreasing but it would not be appropriate for us to say that the relevance of such article sites is going negligible.

    In my opinion, it is still worth to submit to article directories in mass, but keep in mind that the result will not be as fruitful as possible.
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    I still do use articles although recently i didn't do massive blasts with AMR (article marketing robot)....but as a general rule...MORE links and MORE link diversity is always good. As long as your link building is not ONLY article directories.
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    As part of their Panda update, Google has specifically mentioned that they will devaluing links from "thin" non-themed sites like article directories. As with everything else, it may work (temporarily) if done in moderation. But this needs to be part of a larger link building strategy that incorporates other white hat methods - such as natural "grass roots" link building with relevant, high authority sites.

    In short, article directory submissions have limited value (and may have even less value moving forward) and they should only be a very small part of your overall link building strategy. Good question. Best of luck!
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    It is more important now not to spend money on getting backlinks from these directories. But yes Google can't penalize your website because some directory linked to you. It may so happen someone submitted your website to these directories. So no harm in submitting to directories as other search engines could make use of them.
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    The Panda Update has alarmed Article Directories and Web 2.0 services. The article directories ezine, articlebase and sooperarticles etc are preferring quality to quantity. The reason is apparently one that Google prefers natural backlinks because it is in favor of those that put more efforts day and night to create unique stuff for the world apart from business development and self centered needs that could serve the purpose of empowering the most deserving one to be identified easily.
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    better would be find high quality blog sites that specifically target your niche. Try to see if they allow you to write for them. For many blogs and websites, you may have to pry a bit, email them, or even beg them to write if the site is big enough.

    Of the base of every article, write a small about the author and your anchortext.

    You can even get involved with sites like "My Blog Guest" where blogs advertise themselves to writers and vice versa. Your speed doesn't matter. Sometimes, you'll build 5 links in one day. Other times, you won't. Try and have as many as ten to 20 prospects in the air at once. Constantly be emailing bloggers.

    Linkbuilding is a dedicated task, and if you're doing web design or development on top, delegate it. Hire an intern to reach out to bloggers, and use something like "text broker" to pitch your article ideas to professional writers.
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    I am not sure mass submitting worked that well even before panda.
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    Doesn't seem like it. I use UAW to submit to some of my sites and they barely move until I do some contextual linking.
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      Firstly submit only unique content and secondly,there is no use going for numerous article directories as you can see automatic submissions is dying a slow-death with each Google Panda update. Target a handful of most important article directories especially Ezine Articles

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