Google penalty, should I try this?

by bleu
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All of my search terms have been pushed back to position 50 or worse and a search for the domain name shows my site on page five. A sure penalty, I've read.

I've found nothing wrong with the site other than copied content and this is my first penalty so will noidexing the pages with the copied content help you think?

I'm planning on creating new more in-depth content but in the meantime, noindex? Or...?

Thanks for any advice you have!
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    I think the first step you should take is to just REMOVE those pages with copied content, delete the entire page.

    Build a new page, with unique content, images and a youtube video that is relevant, do a few quality articles like that, then, submit a reconsideration request to google spam team and they will manually review your site and give you back your rankings if your site satisfies them.

    That is the shortest and sure fire way to go about this penalty.

    The -50 penalty is one of the most common ones and happens quite often.
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    remove all duplicate content and wait
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    If you are definitely certain that the problem has been caused by copied materials on your website, try removing them first and then attempt to write some quality and unique contents and publish them on your site. Sooner or later the Googlebot will visit your site and when it finds the copied materials gone and replaced with original contents, your previous ranks will be observed once again. It seems that contents are becoming more significant when it comes to web optimization.

    In your situation, patience will be the real virtue because Google needs time to feel certain you are going to follow the right ways of promoting your site and so, try adding good contents to your site, do not forget about links and gradually you will notice improvements. Sometimes drops in ranks could be huge, especially when the number of original contents on websites in comparison with the copied materials are on the short side, so try fostering your content-writing skills.
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    Thanks everyone!

    It's a 12 year old site, so some of the pages have some good incoming links, that's why I thought noindex instead of delete until I'm ready with the new content, but no that won't work?

    Also, yes this site was hit by the first round of Panda in Feb in addition to this penalty.
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